So you have yellow or discolored teeth, and you are wondering what to do, to get that shiny white smile. Well, there are more than one ways to get rid of those pesky stains and get a superstar smile for you. You want your friends to check out your smile, and compliment you on that. How to get started with teeth whitening? We’re offering you some tips that you can follow to get a pearly smile.

Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening


There are a lot of people out there, who just don’t like chemicals, and want everything the ‘natural’ way. Here are some home remedies for people like them


a) Orange Peel: If you haven’t heard of it yet, we’re surprised. Orange peel or rinds have been used for ages to whiten teeth. Take an orange peel, and rub the internal white part of it, against your teeth. Let it stand there for a few minutes, and then rinse your mouth. You can do it twice everyday.


b) Grind a few strawberries and make a paste out of it. You can rub this paste against your teeth, to whiten them.


c) Take the bark of a walnut tree, and rub it against your teeth. This will remove the stains from your teeth.

d) Eat an apple after meals. You can also try eating carrots, or celery
These were a few of home remedies to remove stains from your teeth. There are also some over-the-counter teeth whitening products available in the market, which can help you remove tooth blemishes and yellowness.

There are some teeth whitening kits easily available in the stores. These kits usually contain a special gel and a tray. A little gel is poured in the tray, and it is set on your teeth, for a few minutes. Then it is taken off, and the mouth is rinsed. This process results in white teeth. There is only one downside to this procedure: Some people have sensitive teeth, and they might complain of mild pain, although it’s temporary and fades away in a couple of days.


There is also another type of teeth whitening kit available in the market, which makes use of a special light to help whiten your teeth. This light is shone on the teeth for some time after the application of a special gel.

Although these over-the-counter kits are easy to use, as all the process is carried out in your own house, and hence it is more comfortable, but yet, it is much safer to get your teeth whitened by your dentist. He will know about your teeth type, and follow a process that would suit you.

Foods to Be Avoided to Prevent Teeth Discoloration

While you can get your teeth whitened using any of these procedures, you should also avoid certain types of foods, to prevent discoloration

1. Tobacco: If you smoke, or chew tobacco, you should immediately stop it, as it presents the highest risk in tooth stains.



2. Coffee: Dark coffees have chemical called tannin, and it is responsible for making your teeth lose their natural color.

3. Soda and red wine: Too much soda can corrode your enamel, thereby making the dentin more visible, which looks like tooth stains.

4. Avoid too hot or too cold foods, as they make your teeth more sensitive towards temperature

Also, do not scratch your teeth with your nails, as some people try to do it, thinking that they will rub the yellowness or stains off. Scratching will harm your tooth enamel, and it will only worsen the matters.

You should avoid these foods. And select the best method for teeth-whitening that suits your needs and teeth type. And in no time, your friends will be checking you out because of that pearly white smile of yours.

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