Many people have yellow or discolored teeth, and this leads them to having low self-confidence. They generally go for either home teeth whitening or go to the dentist for the same. Generally, people buy over-the-counter home teeth whitening kits to whiten their teeth, but they are not aware, that these can harm them if they have sensitive teeth and gums. People with sensitive teeth can experience pain after these procedures. So it’s better to look for alternate solutions rather than teeth whitening procedures.

There is a solution to stained and yellow teeth which does not just correct stains or yellowness, but also twisted teeth, gapped teeth, or uneven sized teeth. I’m talking about cosmetic dental veneers, particularly, the porcelain veneers.


These veneers are paper-thin shields made of glass-like material that are fixed to the surface of your teeth with the help of a super strong adhesive that makes these veneers stick to your teeth permanently. These veneers have a long life, and stay on for many years. They not only provide cosmetic beauty to your teeth, but also provide support for them.

 Cosmetic Dental Veneers


You can get these porcelain veneers in two sittings with your dentist. In the first sitting, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth, and fit you with temporary veneers for just a few days. After about 3 to 4 weeks, your permanent veneers would be ready, and you can go to the dentist for a second sitting. Your temporary veneers would be removed, and you will be fitted with permanent porcelain veneers. These veneers will last for many years to come. Generally, their life average time is about 10 years.

These porcelain veneers offer one of the finest ways to fix crooked, chipped, twisted and stained teeth. The method of placing porcelain veneers requires the proficiency, precision, expertise, skill, and also the artistic ability of a cosmetic dentist.

Another option is of composite veneers. These are much cheaper than the porcelain ones. They can be fitted on your teeth, in just one sitting, although their life is not that long. They last for about 5 years or so.

 But because veneers are an expensive option, so they work well if you have to whiten only a few discolored or stained teeth, rather than whitening all the teeth. Generally, you would require 6 veneers, for the upper front teeth.


Generally cosmetic dental veneers are used to correct these problems:


1. Discolored teeth. Teeth can get discolored due to various reasons, like usage of some   drugs, coffee, excessive use of fluoride, smoking etc.


2. Worn down teeth. This can be due to excessive wear and tear, and might be an effect of old age.


3. Broken or chipped teeth. Sometimes , a tooth   might   break due  to      a minor accident.


4. Uneven  or  irregular   teeth.  Some  people   have  twisted   teeth  from childhood.


5. Gapped teeth. Some  people  have gaps between their  teeth. These

   gaps need to be filled.


You can go for dental veneers for any of the above cases. It is a very effective way to make your smile the entire better.


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