A periodontal abscess is the result of a periodontal tissue infection. This happens mostly when food particles keep getting accumulated in mouth due to poor oral hygiene. It can also happen when a hard foreign object, such as a part of a popcorn kernel, or a hard toothbrush is tightly packed in the tiny space between tooth and the soft tissues of the gums.

The most common symptom of this disease is getting boils on gums. Or you can feel some pain on one side of your mouth, and so it gets difficult for you to properly chew your food. This can also lead to formation of pockets in bones, which are extremely difficult to clean, and can further grow into more gumboils. The gumboils can grow, or they can rupture, letting out pus. This disease is more commonly found in adults. When it spreads, you may also experience pain in your ears and your throat as well. It might become very difficult to open your mouth due to the pain.

When you go to your dentist regarding periodontal abscess, the most common medicine that he would prescribe is Erythromycin or Amoxicillin. Your gum areas would be cleaned, and the dentist will drain out the pus. This will generally remove most of your pain, but the basic problem is still not cured.

You can use ozonated olive oil for this condition. How is ozonated olive oil different from normal olive oil?

Ozonated olive oil is prepared through a special process. Ozone is made to pass in bubbles through extra virgin olive oil constantly, for approximately 3 weeks. This makes the olive oil turn into a paste or a gel. This gel is very useful in curing many diseases, and is most famously used for massage, to treat various skin conditions.
One of the qualities of the ozonated olive oil is that it can be refrigerated for many years, and it still would not lose its curative value. Ozonated olive oil keeps releasing active oxygen where it is applied. This active oxygen deactivates viruses, and kills protozoa and amoeba.

After you get your teeth cleaned, regularly apply ozonated oil to clean your gums and teeth. This will prevent bacteria to grow and colonize in your mouth. Ozonated olive oil will also provide you with a soothing feeling, as it deactivates the cause of the pain.
You can apply it on your teeth and gums with the help of your toothbrush, or even simply with your finger. This oil will go below the gums into the pockets as deep as 9 mm.

If you’ve suffered through periodontal abscess, and have consulted your dentist and have your teeth and gums cleaned out, be sure to keep yourself healthy, by keeping good oral hygiene and using ozonated olive oil daily. It is very safe to use, and it is very effective and better than other methods followed. And this product can be easily refrigerated and kept intact for as long as 10 years. It will calm your gums, and provide relief to you.

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