If you are like several other parents who find it difficult to entice your children to brush their teeth then you might want to use tasty toothpastes. But, how safe are Tasty Toothpastes for Kids. The toothpaste tastes good and is found in special flavors such as bubble gum and fruits. Well, then how come the kids need to be supervised whilst brushing with them.

Let us find that out how safe these tasty toothpastes are for children

The toothpastes market for kids is flooded with the most tasty and amazing flavors of toothpastes that can tempt any kid to brush without having to be told more than once. It is certainly a parent’s delight to watch their kids brush their teeth diligently. However, every toothpaste cover reads that kids must be supervised whilst they brush their teeth with these kinds of toothpastes. As a parent you are concerned about the danger element involved in it. The product has passed the tests done on things used by children. Research has found out that bubble gum flavored toothpaste will be relished by your children but it is not always supposed to be good for them. 

Is the Amount of Fluoride Added Right for Your Child

Well, the culprit is the amount of fluoride that is found in these toothpastes. Fluorides are good for our teeth, but not too much of it. Fluoride to a certain degree strengthens our teeth and prevents dental cavities. But, when you are exposed to too much of it in your toothpaste, it will leave you with dental Fluorosis which results in white or brown spots on your teeth. This is especially true for children’s teeth which have still not come out of the gums. This is the main reason why you need to supervise your kids when they brush using these kinds of toothpastes.

How Much at Risk is My Child

If you think that these are temporary teeth and my child will develop permanent teeth later on you might be interested in knowing that permanent teeth develop right from birth until around they are 16 years. Dental Fluorosis can be mild to severe depending on the amount of fluoride your child was exposed to. The mild Fluorosis will appear as white spots and the severe one will be like brown molting on your child’s teeth. 

The Amount of Fluoride in the Toothpaste

The fluoride content that is found in our toothpastes is many times more than what we get from drinking water or the food that we eat. The toothpaste your child might be using might have fluoride content up to 1000 to 1,100 parts per million. 

The attractive features that these toothpastes come with which include sparkles and cartoon characters might tempt your child to use what is not just the right amount.  A pea sized amount on the toothbrush is just right.

A child who is unsupervised by an adult might end up using more than the recommended amount of toothpaste and harm their teeth unknowingly. Also, children below the age of 3 might not be able to check the amount of it that they swallow. They might swallow some toothpaste and this will be detrimental to their health. In case your child does not spit out the entire amount of toothpaste then it will certainly lead to fluorosis. 

Therefore, as a responsible adult it is your responsibility to supervise the amount of toothpaste used and how much of it is ingested by your child determines how safe it is to use.


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