As we all know, life is an uphill task for the disabled and so is the case with their visits to the dentist. It is not a cake walk for the disabled or the physically challenged to visit the dentist. However, they cannot be denied the attention and care that their teeth need. There are a few options that are there for the disabled to get the required care and attention. Let us look at this further in this article. At times fate is certainly cruel. The physically challenged or the disabled need more care and medical supervision for their teeth and oral hygiene. But, at the same time their disability will stop them from receiving it.

The options open to the disabled - They have two options open to them. The first is a visit to a health care that caters specially to their dental needs and medical conditions. This could be:

  1. alternative specialist treatments,
  2. sedation and
  3. anesthetics that is suited for them

The dentist will have had training and expertise in dealing with such kinds of cases.

Home visits - The other option that is open to the disabled is to be able to seek home visits. Although not all dentists might be willing to do so but if you persist you will certainly find one nearby. However, the surgical options will be greatly limited and also the time of the day that the dentist can come and see you. They might also not accept insurance or state health cards for these home services rendered.

State run health care system - Alternatively, the state run health care system might have some arrangements wherein they might be able to come and visit you at home for the dental treatment. According to the laws a disabled person has to have access to dentist and the dental offices should make reasonable adjustment to their dental clinic and procedures for the disabled to have access to them.

Parental support - The parents of these children and young adults must be well-informed about the special dental needs and facilities that are required by them. A person who is disabled might actually have more dental health concerns then someone who is not. The first visit to a dental care specialist is crucial and the subsequent visits as that will enable precautionary measures to be taken.

There is a support system for the disabled in the dental care world. There are dentists who have had expertise and experience in treating disabled people and know exactly what they want.

Steps that you could take for a disabled child or adult are:

  1. Ask your dentist upfront about their specific experience and expertise in treating disabled patients.

  2. If you are going to a dental school, then don’t opt for any student but one who is specifically learning under a trained tutor to work with the disabled.

  3. Ask around with other parents of disabled children and find out which dentist they visit. Ask them how long they have been visiting the same dentist and the differentiating techniques that the dentist uses.

  4. People who are severely disabled need special help to co-operate with the dentist. Ask about the kind of anesthesia that they provide.

To conclude, you will be surprised to learn that out of every five Americans one of them will have a minor disability and out of every ten Americans at least one will have a severe disability.

Keeping this segment in mind, there must be dental health care provided specifically for them and they must have easy access to it.

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  • Christine Hooddy

    Christine Hooddy 24 - April - 2014, at 12:30 PM

  • Hi im a 47 year old female I receve disabilty and have RA, Im trying to find a free dental clinic in Norfolk VA because I can not afford to pay for it, can anybody please help me?

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - February - 2013, at 21:28 PM

  • I can not comment on this. You can take her to some Pedodontist or in some dental school against payment of fees. Taking her to some third world country cannot be advised. There are many special children dental office. You can google about this.

  • Mike Brakefield

    Mike Brakefield 21 - February - 2013, at 21:16 PM

  • Do you have any info. on who might be able to look at our daughter for dental cleaning, etc. in the Vancouver, WA, Camas, WA or Portland, OR area. We have called Dental Schools and they say it is only for the poor (we are middle class income), we have tried dentist appts. for our insurance we bought for her and all appts. they have sent us away because she needs sedation and they say they will call us back but never do. What is it with Dentist and their lack of respect to patients that are SHD? Would it be better to go out of the country? We have never sued anyone and doctors even caused her severe disability....we might do better in a third world country. What do you think?

  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 10 - November - 2011, at 02:48 AM

  • Johnny, we have a dental listing on our website where dentists have mentioned their contact numbers and location. You can look into the listing to get to know about dentists near your place.

  • johnny bonet

    johnny bonet 10 - November - 2011, at 02:33 AM

  • Thank you , Dr.ritz for the feed back its gonna be a ruff ride for my moms and myself , thank you again, but any dentist comes to mind in the Brooklyn ny area please send me some info , your truly johnny bonet

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