Our diet does play a crucial role in keeping our teeth healthy and just the pearly white teeth we were born with. There is without doubt a connection between your teeth and our diet, good healthy diet certainly results in good healthy teeth that will last a lifetime. There are certain forbidden foods that do no good for our teeth, in fact, they aggravate dental concerns. The top of the list for this will of course be something that has a lot of sugar and is sticky. Dentists have known since quite some time the connection between a healthy diet and the health of your teeth. Every dentist will give you a list of food that you must eat more often and on the other hand a list of food that you must avoid. The more you keep away from these kinds of food the better will be your oral health for sure.

Children if not given a good healthy diet will have teeth that are not strong enough. The baby starts developing teeth while in the stomach hence, the moment you are pregnant you must maintain a healthy diet. Eating the right food will make certain that your teeth will remain white and strong forever.

Sugar and your Teeth

The foods that you must certainly avoid are those that are filled with caramel, starch and sugar. Hence, foods such as chocolates, candies and sodas are taboo.

Sticky foods

The reason why your dentist will insist that you avoid these foods is because they have a tendency to stick to your teeth. Because they remain there blocked in the crevices of your teeth, they will allow bacteria to thrive and build-up out there. This will create oral acids in your mouth that are harmful and finally result in tooth decay, gum disease and other oral health concerns. Therefore the choice remains yours, whether you want to gorge on food that is going to do nothing for you or your teeth or avoid them completely.

Diet and Prevention of Dental Concerns

A good diet that is the right kind will actually help you to prevent oral health concerns later on in life. Let us look at these specific foods:

1.     Vitamin K is known to not allow any cavity formation in your teeth. Hence, vitamin k is the key ingredient for the health of your teeth. This vitamin is abundantly found in the fat of animals, egg yolk, liver, and butter. You can also get it from soya products.

2.     Cod liver oil and butter are also known to have high quantities of vitamin k. Now, if you include more of vitamin k products and not have any sugar stuff at all then you can certainly have good bye to dental problems.

3.     Make certain that the diet that you have is a balanced one. You must have all the minerals, vitamins and calcium in the right proportions to keep gingivitis and dental problems at bay. Eat healthy right from the word go, that is since the time you are expecting.

4.     Bring on vitamin D enriched sources such as low fat dairy products, cheese, salmon, soya, rice, margarine and ensure that you are out in the sun for a while every day.

5.     The right amount of fluoride must be in your diet which is found in water.  You might want to check whether the water supplied in your area is fluoridated.

6.     Add on potassium, magnesium and carotene to your diet. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, bananas, eggs and meat regularly.

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