Lumineers are a good way of having porcelain veneers fixed to your teeth without you having to worry about the removal of painful tooth structure. If you have stained or chipped teeth that look discolored and are afraid to open your mouth to bear your teeth, then Lumineers is certainly for you. We will read about the cost of Lumineers in this article. The cost varies based on several factors. If you are tired of teeth that are discolored and not really great to look at because they are chipped or stained, then you might want to consider Lumineers.

The Lumineers have so advanced that you can have them as thin as a lens and it can be put over an existing tooth like a cover. You do not need to go through the pain of removing sensitive tooth structure.

The making of Lumineers

They are made from patented cerinate porcelain and within just two to three sittings at the dentist you will have your custom made Lumineers keeping you smiling for the next 20 years. A lumineer is a porcelain laminate and is made from special reinforced porcelain which allows it to be thinner.

The cost of Lumineers

It costs about as much as a crown but has far greater benefits than one. The advantages of Lumineers over crowns are:

  1. The materials used are top-notch
  2. Are durable and
  3. Last long

The cost is based on per tooth. There are dentists that might charge as low as $600 per tooth and this could go up to $1800 too per tooth. The Lumineers are worth every cent that you spend on them. They will enable you to smile as your front teeth will look appealing and good. The cost of the lumineer also depends on the tooth that you want to have it done on and whether it is just the front part of the tooth that it will cover leaving the back of the tooth just as it is or will it cover the entire tooth.

If you get the Lumineers straight from the factory that makes them rather than allow your dentist to get them for you then they will cost you less. The laboratory that makes these Lumineers actually decides on the cost. The ones that are outsourced and made abroad can come to you for as low as $51 only. However, the ones that you get straight from your dentist are far greater in cost.

Although you need to beware of Lumineers that are really low cost. They will be made of materials that are cheap and will not last you long. Thus, in the long run you will end up paying more for them. Hence, if you were to draw a rough average, Lumineers will cost you anywhere between $700 and $ 1100. If you are getting more teeth fitted with Lumineers then you can certainly ask your dentist for a discount on them.

The ultimate amount that you end up paying for your lumineer would depend on several factors.

  1. the dentist that you go to
  2. the precise situation that your teeth are
  3. The kind that you choose, no drill Lumineers will certainly cost you less than the ones where you have to use traditional porcelain veneer technique to fix the Lumineers.

Many a person has realized that it is worthwhile to have Lumineers done notwithstanding the cost as it gives you a new confident look altogether.

Therefore, be prepared to pay anywhere in the range between $600 and $1500.

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