The latest version of dental implants are absolutely problem free as compared to the traditional ones. The success rate of dental implants has gone up by leaps and bounds. The few dental implants problems that occur are mostly related to:

  1. The implants themselves
  2. The bone that supports them

This mostly happens if the dental implants do not bond well with the surrounding bone, and hence dental implants problem is created. The dental implants problem occurs when the implant that is fixed is unable to bond with the bone around it. This can result in several dental implant problems such as:

1. Infections

The dental implant infections that arise are due to the dental implant surgery or the work done on restoring the crown.

 If the patient has a history of bad oral hygiene then this can certainly compound the case of infections. The infection then goes on to cause inflammation of the surrounding bone and the one that is surrounding the implant too. This will cause bone loss and infections.

2. Bone Structure

In some cases there is not enough bone structure in the jaw area in order to enable the implant to be implanted well enough. This will not allow the implant to bond with the bone effectively.

If this is detected early on then the dentist will suggest a bone graft which will ensure that the chances of dental implant problems are minimized.


 In case you are smoker then the dental implants problems can get aggravated because of this.

The dentist will certainly want you to stop before and immediately after the dental implant procedure in order to ensure its effectiveness. 

3. The Patient’s Health

 It is crucial the kind of oral and overall health the patient is in to enable them to have no dental implant problems. If the patient has diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure then this might come in the way of the dental implant. The growth of the bone is more if it is able to receive a good amount of blood supply. This is specially so at the site of the implant.  

Time taken for the Dental Implant

There are dentist who like to place the implant immediately into the jawbone and crown it. The force of this could lay a stress load on the dental implant and create problems. This of course does not happen frequently.

Therefore, from all the dental implants problems listed above if you are the kind of patient who does not smoke and takes good care of your health, then the implants will not cause any problems for you. These small factors will ensure that your chances of a successful treatment are assured.

 If you are interested in getting dental implants done then you must stop smoking and start taking care of your health and oral hygiene. This will keep at bay the dental implants related problems. 

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 22 - November - 2011, at 02:56 AM

  • Before giving dental implants, systemic condition and condition of bone is seen to see whether dental implants can be given or not. Hypertension, Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency are not absolute contraindications of giving dental implants. Apart from systemic conditions, condition of the bone and bone density is also seen with which a dentist can make out that whether dental implants can be given or not. You can refer to an implantologist to know more that whether you can get implants or not.

  • SK

    SK 21 - November - 2011, at 06:55 AM

  • Good information. But my questions 1Do u advise implant in case of a person with hypertension, 2G6Pd deficiency, 3On blood thinning medicine. Seek advise for male of 68 yrs otherwise good health. Thanks, SK

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