Bad breath can turn out to be an embarrassing concern for your child. Bad breath is even called halitosis and there are certain factors for this. Once the root cause of the factor or factors that is causing bad breath is established you can find a remedy for it. Bad breath in children is treatable. The moment you know of the sources of halitosis you will be able to curb it. Halitosis is bad breath which comes from the passage of the mouth, nose or the airways.

The reason why children get halitosis is because of

  1. Oral sources,
  2. Non-oral sources and
  3. Psychological problems
Although almost 85% of the children surveyed, have bad breath.

The main causes are

  1. The germs found in the mouth and the throat
  2. Predisposition to certain problems because of low saliva formation
  3. A predominance of negative anaerobes
  4. A high protein in the diet and less carbohydrates in the diet

The remedies for Halitosis

Brush well with the right toothpaste

The reason for halitosis is the coating on the middle of the tongue. A parent must ensure that the child brushes regularly behind the tongue. This is an important factor as bacteria accumulate in this region and cause bad breath.
Keep in mind that the child is using enough toothpaste and mouthwash.

 Use the right kind of brush

You can use a soft-bristle brush for small children and for infants you can dip a cloth in water and clean their mouths.


Make certain that your child follows the simple routine of brushing and flossing their teeth regularly. Children beneath eight years must be supervised whilst brushing.

Drinks enough water
Bad breath could also be because of dry mouth because caused due to not enough amount of water in their bodies. This does not include the colas and sodas that your child might consume. In fact these might aggravate the concerns of bad breath. Ensure that your child has a lot of water throughout the day.

Regular Dental check-ups

If your child has periodontal concerns then ensure that they maintain a strict oral hygiene routine. Take them to the dentist regularly to nip the problems in the bud before they result in bad breath or other concerns.

Dental cavities

If the dentist detects bad breath due to dental disease make certain that the underlying and root cause is taken care of. The dentist will restore dental caries and other defective teeth.

Regular brushing

On your part make sure that your child knows how to brush and brushes their teeth at least three times a day. Encourage them to use dental floss and mouthwash if they are not too young. If your child is beneath eight then you could floss their teeth for them.

Read the labels clearly of the mouthwash that you buy for your child. If it consists of alcohol do not buy it for them as too much of alcohol in the mouthwash will dry out their mouths.

A good breakfast and diet

Let your child have a good breakfast as this will stimulate the flow of saliva and reduce the levels of micro-bacterial in their mouth. Eating fibrous food and that which requires chewing such as apples or carrots is a good way to clean your mouth off germs.

Rinsing and chewing

Teach your child to rinse their mouth frequently. Chewing of sugar free gum will help your child to keep the saliva flowing in their mouth which will not allow the accumulation of bacteria in their mouths.


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