Life is all about change and we never know when that happens for us. We might have selected an orthodontist after great research and asking around and started treatment. All seems to be going perfectly alright when life takes a turn and you have to move to a new destination. With the excitement of moving you wonder how it is going to be to change your orthodontist. Will it be difficult to change to a new orthodontist?

Several times when we least expect to be moving place, we have to. Now you might be worried about how are you going to continue the treatment for your braces that you have already started? Will it be okay to choose another orthodontist in the midst of the treatment? 

Let us look at the few things that you can do to make the transition easy for you and your orthodontist too. 

Inform Your Orthodontist

The moment you are certain that you are going to move let your orthodontist know about it immediately. This way the orthodontist will be able to develop and plan your treatment accordingly and in case he knows another orthodontist in the place that you are going to then he might recommend him.

Letting your orthodontist immediately will also ensure that you are not charged extra for the time that you are not going to be under his care. In case you have been charged for the entire treatment then he might refund the money. 

Collect Your Documentation

You must make certain that you have all the records and documents for your treatment. This will include x-rays and procedures done. This will make it easy for the orthodontist that you visit is able to understand your case better. Take with you all the moulds and pictures too and the notes that the orthodontist might have made. 

Select  New Orthodontist Before Moving

Your orthodontist may have colleagues who might be suggested. Ask around with your friends and relatives about any orthodontist that they might know of in your new area. Look up the internet, directories or post an online forum or message board. 

Ensure That The New Orthodontist Knows Your Case

Let the orthodontist have a look at your records and make it known that he can ask your orthodontist about the treatment plan that was followed so far. 

Ask Enough

Do not hesitate to ask your new orthodontist about the treatment to be followed and the money involved. The new orthodontist might charge you more depending on the region and so forth. Get to know all the possible facts before committing yourself to the treatment. The more you ask the better informed will you be about your treatment. 

Materials Used

Ask the new orthodontist about the materials that he is going to use. This is because different orthodontists use different kinds of brackets, wires and appliances. 

Find Out About Your New Orthodontist

Once you have decided to go to a particular orthodontist in the new area that you are moving to find out more about him.

  1. How long has the orthodontist been practicing.
  2. Which medical college did he attend and
  3. What do his patients have to say about him
  4. Word of mouth publicity is important and might give you real insights into what kind of treatment should you expect and whether you should continue with this particular orthodontist. 

Hence, although changing orthodontist mid-stream is not an easy task at the same time it is not daunting.

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