You wonder whether romance and braces can ever go hand in hand. Several people who wear braces wonder if this will impede dating. They wonder if they will be like the flower on the wall left without a partner while all their friends have a date to go out with. This is real serious business especially for the young for whom dating is a part of their lives. If you’re young then dating certainly plays an important role in your life. You don’t want to be without a date and spend your weekends alone just because you wear braces. So, what are your chances of getting yourself a date with braces intact? Or will you have to choose between a date and straight teeth.


This question affects both men and women. However, if you are attractive in several other ways, then the wearing of braces will not be such a big thing. In fact many cheerleaders to wear braces and they are not without dates.

Also, if someone finds you attractive in other ways then what is in your mouth is going to be the least of their priorities.

A person who you are going to date will be interested in your overall looks, confidence and zest for life and certainly not that you have braces on. Have you ever heard of someone say that they broke up or never got the chance to date because they wore braces.

Braces and Stereotypes

In fact, wearing braces and the idea that one won’t get to date could be based more on stereotypes and presumptions. Somewhat like girls with glasses don’t get good dates. And, in case you have someone who doesn’t want to go out with you because of your braces then this is the time that you can drop them sooner than a hot potato. A person who can’t think beyond just outwardly appearances is shallow and not the kind you would like to date anyway.

Some People Do Like Braces

The flip side of this is that there are people who have a fetish for braces and they like people who wear them. Hence, it could be the other way round whereby your braces will get you more attention and dates than you asked for.

Once your braces have been removed and your teeth are straight, you will look far better than what you do. Therefore, take this time to change yourself and try makeovers. Dates will be then knocking at your door.

There is no one particular answer for whether braces will affect your dating. It entirely depends on the individuals involved.

Advanced and Better Braces

The new kind of braces that you get is hardly noticeable. Most of our fears and trepidations are in our head. Moreover, if you don’t lay too much stress on the fact that you have braces neither will your date.

Braces and Celebrities

There are several top models and actors who have been seen in public with braces on and nothing has happened to their image. Even in movies you have people wearing braces hence it is no big thing.

You might want to ask that dates do tend to end with kissing. Well, after a month of kissing with your braces on you will be able to kiss normally. Braces do not and will not affect the way you kiss.

Furthermore, if you have decided on the dental treatment then do not let something as minor as dating and braces come between you and straight teeth. And, didn’t someone say, that if you love me, love me whole. 

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