More and more adults are opting for orthodontic treatment to be able to look the best that they can. Most of them have this question in mind about dental braces and self esteem. For that there is only one answer and that is self esteem is dependent on you. The way you look at the world, confidently, the same way the world looks back at you. Although it is normal to be concerned about how people will accept you with your braces on. Keep in mind that you are not the first one to have got braces.

Self Esteem and Looking Better

It is possible to have a high self esteem and immense measures of confidence throughout your orthodontic treatment. More and more people are choosing to look better than they already do.

Teeth in a straight line can enhance your looks like nothing else can. Dental braces will help you to do that however, you will need to wear them for a while to get the teeth of your dream.

 But, at the same time you cannot allow it to affect what you think of yourself. Outwardly manifestations are not everything and they will not bring about psychological well-being. On the other hand once you have had the treatment completed your self esteem will be higher based on the confidence levels of knowing that you look good and hence can take on the world head on.

However, there is no guarantee that if you have correctly aligned your teeth then your mental health and well being leading on to a high self esteem will be there. Children studied into adulthood having had braces did have teeth that were aligned and good to look at but no direct correlation could be drawn to their self esteem or emotional health because of that.

Look Your Best

There are thousands of parents who consider it their duty to put their children through the process of braces because they feel that that will ensure a happier life for them. Even after the teeth have been aligned the person might not be entirely happy with the way they look and want to have cosmetic dentistry done. Looking good is important but not beyond a certain extent.

People do have stereotypes that are built up by society that a child or adult with uneven teeth will not have a fruitful future and this will affect their psychological well being. However, research done in this domain in several countries has gone on to prove otherwise. The people who did not do anything about their crooked teeth were as happy as the other children who had worn braces.

Also, crooked teeth are not a health hazard or detrimental to oral health. This is of course as long as you maintain a good brushing and flossing regime.


Therefore, braces and self-esteem need not go hand in hand. Before you start your child on the braces regime you must ask questions and have an honest discussion to find out whether it will really benefit your child and to what extent. Times have changed and what might be conceived as a stereotypical beauty need not be so. There is nothing like one shoe fits all and didn’t someone say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The attitudes of people towards beauty have changed. I

To conclude, if you are looking at increasing the psychological and emotional well-being of your child by braces, then this might not happen so.

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