Once you have decided on the braces and had them fixed you must take care of them. Braces will mean extra bands and wires in your mouth. Although brushing might get tough under the circumstances you do have to pay special attention to dental care. Pay extra attention to the dental care for your braces explained by your dentist. Dental care for braces is a must to ensure that oral hygiene is always maintained at an optimal level. When you have braces on your teeth then it is extremely easy for food to remain trapped and plaque to accumulate.

This then becomes a breeding ground for bacteria within your braces. This can also lead to gingivitis which in turn will make brushing more difficult. But, if you take proper dental care for braces then you will not have any stains or cavities at the end of it.

Brush When You Eat

Most of us might wonder that how often I should brush now that I have dental braces. Every time that you eat you must brush within five minutes in order to unclog the bacteria. Even if you snack you must not forget to brush as this will ensure great dental care for your teeth with braces.

The Method to Brush

With braces on your teeth it is far better if you follow a certain method.

1.    Brush between the wires and gums as this will unclog the bacteria and loose food particles.

2.    Use special toothbrushes suggested by your orthodontist which will make certain that you can provide dental care for your braces.

3.    Rinse your mouth frequently and floss daily.

4.    Visit your dentist regularly.

When you have braces on, then you must visit your dentist regularly to ensure that your teeth are squeaky clean and your gums healthy. Your dentist will be able to suggest about the frequency of you getting your teeth and braces checked.

Avoid Dental Stains and Concerns

When you have wires and brackets in your teeth then they will create tiny crevices for food to get clogged and hence bacteria to thrive. Brush as soon as you have eaten and try and use an electric brush which will get to the most farthest and smallest of crevices. Do not allow the food to remain in your mouth trapped between your braces as this will cause staining of the teeth too.

Sports and Braces

Sports can be rough at times and you don’t want to risk your expensive braces getting damaged. Therefore, a good way for dental care for braces is to wear a mouth guard whilst you are on the field. The mouth guard will not only protect your braces but also your teeth and prevent mouth lacerations.

The Toothpaste That You Use

When you have braces you must use toothpaste that has fluoride in it.
You must also use a mouth wash after brushing.

Brushing Tips

Every time you brush you must make certain that you brush your retainers as well. You must disinfect your retainers once a week by soaking it in denture cleanser. Then thoroughly rinse the retainer and then wear it.

The Food That You Eat

1.    Make certain that you eat food that is healthy and not going to cause you harm.
2.    Avoid sugary foods and carbonated sugary drinks.
3.    Avoid snacking on food that is sticky and hard as this might damage your braces.

Remember, that braces need to be taken care of well enough if you want to get the maximum benefit out of them.

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 24 - October - 2011, at 23:32 PM

  • Harlie, retainers are given to the patient after braces treatment. Retainers prevent relapse of treatment and are to be worn day and night initially and then are to be worn only at night. Removable and fixed retainers are available. Duration for which retainers are to be worn varies from person to person.

  • harlie

    harlie 24 - October - 2011, at 12:30 PM

  • do u stillhave a retainer when u have braces

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