Teeth even after years of work done on them might go back to their original position that you started out with before you went to your orthodontist. You wonder whether this is a failure of the treatment and it is not working for you. This is not true. This problem can be rectified by the use of orthodontic retainers. These orthodontic retainers help keep your teeth straight and correctly positioned. When you are undergoing orthodontic treatment your teeth move from one position to another.


The teeth get support to stay within the surrounding bone and gum tissue with the help of tiny elastic fibers which are just like rubber bands. With the teeth being moved these tiny rubber bands are stretched and this may cause the teeth to move quickly back to their original places. 
Our body cells are constantly regenerating. However, this is not so with our teeth. Even though you might have worn braces for a long time, your teeth might move back to the original spot before you began the orthodontic treatment. 

When to Wear the Retainers

     1.   Retainers need to be worn all the time, day and night.

     2.   The time duration depends on the individual but usually it will be for one to two years. This is after your braces have been removed. 

After your teeth have moved to the final place, and you are still advised to wear braces for a further six months, In that case you will need to wear the retainers for only about three months and that to only at night time. This way you can just put them on before falling asleep and hence no losing them. 

There are different types of retainers and the duration that you need to wear them depends on the kind. The moment you have the right retainers for you, you will never need to worry about going through orthodontic treatment ever again. 

The Fixed Retainers 

Fixed retainers are fixed permanently to the lower and upper front teeth. Although fixed retainers are more for the lower teeth in order to enable them to remain so without moving. The retainer that is fixed to your teeth assures you that it will remain there and hence a retainer is a commitment of a lifetime on your part.

The advantage of this kind of retainer is that:

  1. You need not worry about forgetting to wear it and
  2. Your teeth will have no chance of moving out of line

Other kinds of Retainers

The other kinds of retainers are those that:
  1. You can removed whenever you want to brush your teeth without going to the dentist or
  2. Only wear them at night

The flip side of this kind of retainers is that you might not have the commitment required.

Transparent Retainers

There are also retainers which are transparent and you wouldn’t even know if once you have put them on. 

Your commitment towards the Retainers

Some people think that retainers are optional. However, this is not so. If you want your treatment to be successful then you must be utterly committed to having them on. When you have braces and you want the treatment to be a success, then you must wear your retainers.

Don’t think that retainers are optional. If you are not committed to wearing your retainers then your teeth will slide back to the original position and the whole treatment will not be effective. 

Hence, the thing that you must remember is that if you want your teeth to remain straight then retainers are must.

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