There are few problems which one can face after the composite fillings. Most common is sensitivity. After the filling some times patient has the problem of sensitivity to cold, sweet, temperature change. Normally this sensitivity goes in a week or so and patient is comfortable afterwards.If it does not go then some times filling has to be repeated.These are the two most common problems one faces after composite filling.

If the front tooth is filled then the main problem can be the shade matching. If the shade is not matched properly, the filling gives very unaesthetic look. In such cases filling has to be re done after proper shade selection.

How long composite fillings last

Now this depends upon number of factors like

The size of the cavity 

if the filling is small and it is only on the occlusal surface and is surrounded by the sound tooth structure, it will last longer than the big filling. if the filling involves one side of the tooth then the life of the filling is less.

Technique and the skill

of the dentist also affect the durability of the filling.

Chewing forces also affects the life of the filling.

Filling stays longer in the front teeth than the back teeth as the chewing forces are more on the back teeth because of which filling material wears down.

Another factor which also affects the durability is the oral hygiene.

If the patient maintains good oral hygiene and visits the dentist regularly, then the chances of secondary caries and subsequent failure of the filling decreases.

It is found that if everything is favorable, the filling can last as long as 7 to 8 years. Its durability can be compared with the amalgam filling. Some times the composite filing remains high and patient feels pain and it becomes quite uncomfortable. If the patient complains of pain then the filling should be checked for the high points and should be reshaped.


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