The first time that your kid needs to wear braces they might not be easy to convince that it does not hamper their looks or affect their confidence in any way. But, what you could do is to let them know that there are plenty of famous kids with braces. If you were to just look around and notice you will find out that there are many famous celebrity kids not only wearing their braces but actually flaunting them. If your kid is not convinced about wearing braces due to the fear of social ostracism by their peer group then you could let them know about the celebrity and famous kids who wear braces.

Braces as a Fashion Statement

Orthodontics has changed over the years and children with braces in their mouths hardly even realize that they have worn them. By getting to see and know of famous kids with braces they will no longer feel alone, be motivated and actually start looking at braces as a fashion statement. 

Many a famous kids have turned to braces to enable them to look their very best. Famous kids have opted for different kinds of braces down the age’s right from the traditional metallic ones to the invisible ones. 

Let us have a look at the famous kids to wore braces and had their teeth straightened out. Seeing them now you would never believe that they had to wear braces when they were young. This is so because of the confidence that they ooze and also the way their teeth look. 

1.   The first on our list is Gwen Stefani who is a famous solo recording artist and a lead singer too. She has worn traditional metallic braces and hence has been able to get herself teeth that are in a straight line. 

2.   Next on our list of famous kids with braces are Tom Cruise’s kids. When he took his kids to the orthodontist he had braces made for him too which could correct his overbite. 

3.   Then we have Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton the daughter of the US Presidents. Both these famous kids had braces and never ever felt self-conscious about them. In fact, both these famous kids from the White House had the traditional kind of braces. 

4.   Then, there is Prince Harry the son of the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. Prince Harry had to wear ceramic braces in order to keep that charming smile of his intact.

5.   Both Serena and Venus William sisters had braces when they were kids and starting out in their careers. Martina Hingis wore braces in some of her competitions. 

In fact, there have been several celebrity and famous kids who have worn braces to straighten out their crooked teeth and to gift themselves a smile of a lifetime. Many of them have gone on to support the mantra of braces being real cool and in sync with fashion. When your teen needs to wear braces you could point out to them the famous people with braces and they will have no objection to wearing them. 

Furthermore, there have been several TV shows in which they have shown the actors with real or fake braces on to add on to the cool factor that they need to portray. Many music videos too have started showing the lead actors and singers with braces on. Hence, it is becoming a teen symbol of being hip and in line with what’s happening around you. All or most of your favorite stars may have had braces and this will certainly prove the point that braces are a medical necessity and at the same time a fashion statement too.

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