You might wonder whether your insurance policy will cover invisialign braces. Although, policies differ from person to person and depends on which one you have opted for. But, in general if you are entitled to orthodontic coverage, then invisialign will be covered by insurance. Even traditional metallic braces are covered by dental insurance. Insurance will cover invisialign as they are looked as a medical correction rather than cosmetic dentistry only. 

Once you have decided that you are going to gift yourself oral dental health by getting yourself braces, the next step is to find out whether your insurance will cover the invisialign braces that you have been advised to opt for. 


The overall invisialign treatment on an average is priced at about $5000. However there are a few dentists who could even get it for you for as low as $3500. Having said that is quite a bit of money. Dental insurance providers do cover orthodontic treatment for the insurer, to a large extent. Read your Insurance policy:

  1. The first thing that you need to do if you already have an insurance policy is to read it carefully and find out whether orthodontic treatment has been mentioned in it.
  2. If it is there then the insurance policy will certainly cover invisialign braces. In case you aren’t sure after reading it you can call up the insurance agent or the company and ask them. They will be further able to tell you about the extent of the coverage for the treatment that you are eligible for.
  3. You also need to find out what they classify as cosmetic surgery as that will let you know whether you will be reimbursed for your invisialign treatment or not. 
  4. Look at the dental insurance policy that you own. The higher the premium that you pay the more benefits you can avail and that certainly means invisialign.

Most dental policy companies will not deny you a payment completely but pay you a certain percentage of the cost incurred by you for the invisialign. 

In case you haven’t already bought a policy and am contemplating buying one then you must read the health insurance companies policies and ensure which one qualifies for invisialign braces. 

You can also ask your dentist to determine whether your dental treatment is classified as:

  1. Medical or
  2. Cosmetic

This will give you an indicator of whether you will get the full amount reimbursed by your dental policy for the invisialign or just part of it. Dentists can also help you to recover the amount from your insurance company. 


Doctor’s treatment planner will also be able to let you know the amount that you can claim from your insurance company, be it 80% or in some cases even 100%. Most insurance plans will qualify you for invisialign treatment.

Keep in mind that invisialign is a real boon for people who want braces with the least bit of effort and pain or the horrendous metal peeping out from your mouth. However, it is quite expensive. Most people’s insurance companies had paid them somewhere in the reign of $1000 to $2500. Make sure that you read the document carefully while buying yourself a dental insurance coverage as what is written there is only what is followed.

Do not go by anything that is hearsay. 

If the old plan does not allow you invisialign then the best option is to go for a new dental insurance, wait out at the time and then claim.

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