Tooth pastes are usually recommended by dentists, and the American Dental Association. When you buy yourself toothpaste you certainly want to be sure that what you are getting is really good and will deliver according to the promises made. So, what is the best toothpaste to be found?

Toothpastes with fluoride are good only if the fluoride content is of the right proportion. However, if you were to find natural toothpaste then nothing like it for instance, toothpaste with salt in it.

What Is The Best Toothpaste That You Can Buy

The stores are flooded with toothpastes of all kinds and you are in a fix about what is the best for your teeth. You might be the kind who has used all the possible brands of toothpastes in the market and still trying to find that one perfect one that will be an answer to all your dental and oral hygiene concerns. There are many people who swear by the toothpaste that they use and they have a loyalty to it like none other.

If you look at any toothpaste aisle in the grocery store you will find that you are inundated with choice of toothpaste. Each one promising to give you the whitest of white teeth which are blemish less, no cavities and breath that smells good. They also promise you a smile that can do wonders for your face. But, finding the right toothpaste for you can certainly be a difficult task. Also, you don’t to buy toothpaste and then have to throw it away just because you don’t like it for various reasons.

There are several consumer reviews that are conducted regularly to find out what the consumer prefers. There are also experts who cite their opinion. Out of all the toothpastes that have been surveyed Colgate Total has come out the winner. This toothpaste has won more votes than any other toothpaste.

According to the ADA (American Dental Health Association) and the FDA (Food and Drug Association) this was the first of its kind toothpaste to have triclosan added to it which is an effective bacterial and gingivitis.

Several Factors To Look For In Your Toothpaste Are:

  1. The ability to fight germs,
  2. Remove plaque and tartar,
  3. Remove stains,
  4. Not be too harsh on your teeth

To conclude, the factors that you must look for in the best toothpaste are:

  1. The amount of fluoride.
  2. Protection from bacteria
  3. Long lasting effect
  4. Feels and tastes good.

 Hence, although most people have their preferences where toothpastes are concerned, Colgate Total seems to win hands down when compared to the others. It is the unanimous choice of all concerned that is the consumers and the dentists alike.

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