By Oral Piercing we mean when people pierce their tongue, lips and cheeks in order to be a part of the cool sect. This is a way to express their liberalized views however; there are various risks involved in oral piercing. The piercing ornaments that are used come in different metals which might be hazardous to one’s health. There are quite a few risks of oral piercings such as allergies and infection. Today’s youngsters find different ways of expressing themselves and oral piercing is just one of them.

However, there are certain parts of your body that are at a higher risk of piercing and so is the case with oral piercing. In fact before you get swayed into going in for a piercing you must consult your dentist as they will be able to guide you correctly.

Several youngsters have rued the fact that they went ahead with oral piercings without gauging the associated risks involved.

The Different Kinds of Risks in Oral Piercings


There are greater chances of infection in the mouth cavity. The bacteria, inside the mouth cavity have a preferential environment to thrive with the warmth and the moisture found there. Also if you are wearing and removing the jewellery constantly, then the risk of infection in oral piercing gets aggravated.


 If by mistake, a vein is punctured by the needle, then it can result in serious blood loss and even death.

Pain and Inflammation

This occurs as a grave risk with oral piercings. This is a very common symptom of oral piercing. This could turn dangerous by your tongue getting swollen, and blocking the wind pipe and the food passage in the bargain.

Teeth Injury

Teeth may be injured by the oral piercings. Your teeth might get injured or chapped due to the friction created by the jewelry when it comes in contact with it. This could also result in harm to your crowns and caps and they might be scratched or stained.

Gum Damage

The soft gum tissue can be at a great risk in oral piercings. The jewelry is a foreign body in your mouth and this can cause severe salivation. This can also cause your gums to recede in the long run and gingivitis too.

Damage to Salivary glands

Improperly placed tongue jewelry may damage the salivary glands present under the tongue. These glands are responsible for production of around 5 percent of saliva entering the oral cavity.  

Nerve Damage

Numbness or loss of sensation can occur  at the site of piercing if the nerves have been damaged.

Infected Needles

There are several blood borne or infected needle borne diseases that can be a grave enough risk in oral piercings. This can cause hepatitis B,C, D and G and also other diseases such as even HIV and AIDS.

Jewelry Aspiration

Jewelry that becomes loose in the mouth can become a choking hazard and, if swallowed, can result in injury to the digestive track or lungs.

Heart Diseases and Piercings

Heart disease surprisingly is also a major risk in oral piercing. This is because the bacteria in your mouth during the oral piercing can travel to your heart and create heart disease.

Now, that you know of all the risks that are associated with oral piercings you must ensure that you ask your dentist before you go ahead. Also, until your mouth remains free of infection then you are safe.

In case you notice the first sign of trouble after the piercing then you must immediately consult the dentist. The oral piercings will also require that you go to the dentist regularly in order to make certain that you get all the precautionary measures.

In spite of all the care that you take your oral piercing might become loose and harbor bacteria in it or in a worst case scenario you might even swallow it and cause yourself more harm.

To conclude, oral piercings are best avoided.              

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