Tooth decay is a very widespread disease and is five times common than asthma. Most of its victims are children and pre teen kids as they have a sweet tooth and do not control over it. As we all know, sugar is bad for the teeth and so are other snacking foods widely loved by children, for example chips and sodas. These sugary products enhance the growth of bacteria. Bacteria combine with sugar present in the mouth to produce strong acids that corrode the surface of the teeth and enter the core. This is the beginning of cavities. In later stages, these cavities spread their reach and affect the nerves inside the teeth and the tooth pulp.

In the beginning, you will start feeling slight toothache and sensitivity in your teeth. As you consume something hot or cold, you will start experiencing minor pains. Although this will not be an aggravating pain, but you should not overlook the symptoms, because if you do, then the cavity will spread out and more teeth will get affected.

Tooth decay is generally happens due to poor oral hygiene. You should take proper care of your teeth, and maintain good hygiene. For that, you should brush at least twice daily, and also use mouthwash. Also, you should consume less of sweets, and even if you do, make sure to brush your teeth after consuming them.

 These are just a few words of precaution from dental caries or cavities. However, if you do get cavities, there are many modern treatments available to you.

Some treatments for tooth decay are

1.   Fillings: Filling is something that can be used to block the hole that has formed inside your teeth. Different materials can be used for filling your teeth.

2.   Dental Crowns: If your tooth is badly rotten due to the cavity, you might need a dental crown, or a cap. Crowns are used for those teeth, where filling cannot be done.

3.   Root Canal Treatments: If the cavity has affected the pulp of your teeth, then it is imperative to remove the diseased pulp from your teeth, so that the cavity does not spread to other parts as well.

4.   Dental implants / Bridges: If the tooth just cannot be treated, it will be pulled out and a bridge or dental implant will be used there.

If you want to know more about the treatments of tooth decay, it is best that you consult your dentist. Your dentist will be able to guide you in a better way depending up on the stage of your tooth cavity. You should regular checkups from your dentist, because if the cavity gets in later stages, then the only solution left might be the pulling out of the affected tooth or teeth.

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