You should take care of your dentures to keep them in good condition, so that they last longer. You should know the proper way to store, handle and clean your dentures.

Proper Cleaning

Take care of your dentures and brush them daily with a brush with soft bristles. Apply a denture cleaning toothpaste on your dentures. This will remove the plaque and leftover food particles stuck on them. After the process, rinse the dentures thoroughly.


How to Keep Your Dentures in Good Condition

Proper Handling

Because dentures are fragile, therefore they can break easily if you drop them. When you are cleaning your dentures, always fill your sink with water, so that if your dentures accidentally slip out of your hands, they will not break. It’s better that you hold your dentures with a soft towel, so that they do not slip or break.

Proper Storing

Dentures will get ruined if they get dried out, or are placed in hot water. Place your dentures in cool water when you are not wearing them. This will increase their life and not let them dry out.


How to Keep Your Dentures in Good Condition 


Make sure to brush your palate, tongue and gums before you apply the dentures in your mouth. This keeps the blood circulation normal in your gums.

You can clean your dentures with a gentle dishwashing liquid, or hand soap. The regular toothpastes are very abrasive and can harm your dentures. There are special types of toothpaste available in the market, which you can use to clean out your dentures. Do not use bleach on the dentures to make the teeth look whiter, as this can whiten the pink portion of the dentures, and damage them. After the dentures are removed, they can be soaked in water, or denture-cleaning solution, as suggested by your dentist.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with your dentures and feel that there is a need to adjust them, do not do it yourself. Never turn any portion of the clasp or any other part of the dentures yourself. Do not even follow the “Do it yourself” kits, for this purpose, as you can damage your dentures permanently. If you are feeling uneasy due to your dentures, contact your dentist, or your oral health care provider, so that she can make the required adjustments to the dentures.

Often, the dentures will be returned to you the same day after the adjustments have been made. In some cases, they might be sent to dental laboratories, which might take longer time.

Over the years, the dentures will wear out and get loose. At that time, you can consult your dentist, and he might suggest you to get new dentures. Generally the dentures should live for about 5 to 10 years.

Be sure to visit the dentist regularly, if you have dentures fitted. Normal visits of once every 6 months would suffice, and it would keep your dentures in good shape.

Taking good care of your dentures is necessary in order to increases their life, and these simple tips should be followed for the same.

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  • Jack Carlton

    Jack Carlton 25 - April - 2012, at 11:12 AM

  • Great post! I have had dentures for 2 years now and the best way I can get mine clean is with a PowerDent Brush. Check it out

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