It is really important to take proper care of your teeth. If the cavities or gum diseases are present in your mouth, they can spread infections and can also create pain. In our daily life, there are several habits that create lots of trouble for teeth. These bad habits can result into loss of your teeth or even sometimes require a costly teeth repair. Actually, we are not really aware that these bad habits affect our mouth in negative ways. You can avoid many serious damages by breaking these bad habits now.

ome of the more common bad habits are listed below:

1.   One of the main causes of loss of bone around your teeth or gum recession is an excessive rubbing of your teeth, which includes brushing too vigorously from up-and-down or side-to-side. When you brush your teeth too strongly, then the bristles of your toothbrush can force the gums to go away from the teeth and finally lead to uncovered root surfaces, which causes increased sensitivity to touch and cold. There is a proper way of brushing that is kind on the gums and efficiently cleans the teeth.

2.   Generally people take excessive soda and acid containing drinks, like cold drinks etc. The sucking on lemons and excess drink of juice can create much acid contact to your teeth that can damage your teeth in various ways. It can cause many problems like a worn and chalky look to the teeth enamel, unrelieved sensitivity to cold drinks and food, deterioration of your teeth leading to cracking and chipping, and a larger incidence of decay caused by the failure of protecting enamel. Eating citric acid foods or drinking citrus fruit juices are not essentially harmful, but only when they are not held in your mouth for long periods of time.

3.   Nail biting is the most usual bad habit among us. People bite their nails while watching TV, in stress or at the time of thinking. It takes the germs from your nails to the teeth that will create harm to your teeth.

4.   Try not to brush directly after taking some acidic foods or juices. Your tooth enamel becomes soft when you drink or eat something acidic. However, acids are really harmful so you should first rinse your mouth with water and then brush your teeth after an hour.

5.   Try not to brush directly before eating. Brushing your teeth just before eating removes saliva. Saliva guards your teeth as it breaks down the acids. So, you should avoid the habit of brushing your teeth before eating.

6.   Another bad habit is sucking your thumb. It creates the misalignment of your teeth. It causes the lower teeth to fold up back into the mouth and upper teeth to extend out. It also causes an open bite of your front teeth when you have closed together back teeth.

7.   Holding pencils, pens, and other hard things can also harm your teeth. This habit is very common among the people, and sometimes it creates a force to the teeth, that can affect the right position of your teeth. And hence teeth look disordered. So you should keep away from placing these hard objects between teeth.

8.   Chewing ice should be avoided at all costs. It can create many problems like tooth cracking, tooth pain and etc.

These are only few examples of bad habits that create an impact on your teeth. The sooner we eliminate such bad activities, the better our chance for long-term finest health. Avoiding these bad habits can help your teeth in many ways. So think before doing these activities that can cause trouble for your teeth.

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