What exactly is conscious sedation also known as sedation dentistry? Many medical practitioners do concious sedation or sedation dentistry procedure on patients who undergo minor operations like tooth extraction. Sedation Dentistry aims to put the patient in a relaxed state without rendering him unconscious. The patient would just be vaguely aware that he is undergoing a dental procedure by dentist but feel little if any pain at all.

Under  sedation dentistry, the patient will experience drowsiness as well as a relaxed and calm demeanor. He will therefore not feel anxious about the operation. This is because of the medication that the  sedation dentist ot sleep dentist  or doctors introduce to the patient intravenously.  After this, patient will feel little sensation and a bit of lightheadedness as he falls into drowsiness and will feel no pain.

As for the side effects for concious sedation or sedation dentisry, the patient would tend to experience slight dizziness and being groggy after the operation. This is why; the patient should always remember to follow some ground rules when it comes to post operational care. The patient should have little food intake a few hours after the operation to prevent him or her from vomiting and should follow all the instructions given by sedation dentist.

He or she should have a responsible companion to drive him or her home after the operation with concious sedation or sedation dentistry. . The companion should also be taking care of the patient outside of the hospital if possible. Aside from this, the patient ought to have complete rest after an operation to regain his strength that the dental procedure had depleted.

Is Use of Conscious Sedation Safe

Some people may ask if it is safe to use conscious sedation in an operation. The answer is yes. As long as sedation dentist or an expert who can monitor the vital signs of the patient while in sedation supervises, it is perfectly safe to use.

Monitoring after doing procedue with sedation dentistry is important when it comes to these kinds of intravenous or iv sedation medications. The doctors have to be careful as to the dosage and amount of iv sedation medication they would put into the patient’s body to avoid complications. In addition to this, the doctors should also monitor the patient’s oxygen levels when undergoing this kind of procedure.

In the dentists’ clinic, the doctors periodically do this kind of sedation because most of the clinical dental procedures done here are not major. This way, the patient would still be aware of his surroundings while the dentists are working on his teeth. Through this, the doctors can still get instructions as to how the patient should move and behave while in operation. One of the major advantages of concious sedation or sedation dentistry is that dentist can take care of complex dental procedures needing even eight sittings in one sitting itself.

This is an important part of conscious sedation or sedation dentistry because the patient is involved. As with any other dental procedures, the dentists need to inform the patient of the possible risks before having the patient undergo concious sedation. In addition to this, the doctors should also make the patient aware of the side effects and post operation measures that the patient and designated care giver should take in order for the person to heal and recover properly.

Given this, it is important that the patient understands the nature and significance of these instructions in order for him or her to have a quick recovery after concious sedation or sedation dentistry. If the patient follows the sedation dentist’s orders religiously, no other medical complications should occur after any operation whether it is dental in nature or not.


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  • James Massimino

    James Massimino 03 - May - 2014, at 07:35 AM

  • I'm concerned about being I V sedated due to a bad experience I had during a cathadere for my heart. The Doctor failed to read my updated chart of pain meds and anxiety meds I had taken that morning before he proceded and my blood pressure dropped dangerously low,he was yelling at me for taking them,even though he didn't instruct me not to take them. He was at fault here imo for not reviewing my chart before time.

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