Does the thought of encountering messy toothpaste every morning really make you feel grumpier then you already feel in the mornings. The worst thing about toothpaste could be not capping it. There are several households wherein fights erupt based on the toothpaste.  

The way toothpastes first came about was in the form dental powders. This was used by the Egyptians way back in 300 BC. This could be made out of the ashes of oxen hooves, burned egg shelves and pumice. This was used by rubbing it using one’s fingers or a stick. This was the first of the toothpaste.

Then, the Persians worked on them by using different ingredients to make their toothpaste. 

The Romans on the other hand added flavoring agents to their toothpaste and this was a notch ahead of the Egyptians and the Persians as now the toothpaste could be used to combat bad breathe too.

Later on in around 500 BC the toothpaste saw its advent in the countries of China and India.

The first time that the modern toothpastes appeared was in 1800AD. It was first manufactured by doctors and chemists in Britain. This was the time when the rich started using toothbrushes for it and the poor continued to use their fingers. 

The very first company to start manufacturing toothpastes was Colgate way back in the year1873. The first time round toothpastes came packed in jars and was the very first time that they smelled good enough. As times went by, basic hygiene including brushing ones teeth and by the year 1941 it was made mandatory in the US Army. 

Today, you have a vast variety of different toothpastes to choose from. This could be with different colors, flavors, smells and substances such as fluoride added to it. 

Thereby comes in the toothpaste etiquette that one needs to follow. There are some people who just don’t cap the toothpaste on. Whereas, others spread toothpaste, all over their brush and the wash basin too! This could certainly lead to a lot of friction if you are sharing a washroom with someone else. 

There are public washrooms and in hostels that you will notice that people have placed colorful photographs all around the walls inculcating toothpaste etiquette in the users all around them. 

The toothpaste is so very important to one’s life now that there is a saying dedicated to it called it’s toothpaste out of the tube which means that something has occurred and can’t be retrieved, so you just make the better of the situation. 

The toothpaste has become so very quintessential that you will not find a single household that might be without a toothpaste tube. You might want to start by inculcating the right toothpaste habits in your kid’s right from the word go. That will stop any friction arising in your house. 

Toothpaste can be the best cleanser that you can gift your teeth and at the same time it can certainly be the bone of contention too.

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