A toothbrush is the very first thing that we reach out for as we wake up in the morning. It is an extremely handy cleaning instrument in our hands and will be able to get our teeth sparkling clean if used correctly.

3000 BC: The very first toothbrushes came into being in the year 3000 BC. The very first ones were in the form of chewing sticks that was frayed at one side and was chewed upon to clean the teeth.

1938: The very first bristled toothbrushes were introduced in the year 1938 and instantaneously became a great success because of the convenience and great hygiene quality that it offered.

1960: Then, came about the first electronic toothbrushes, introduced in America, in the year 1960. These were sold out in large numbers and thereby began to be mass produced.

Modern Times

Today you have a wide variety of toothbrushes to choose from. You will be able to choose the best one for your teeth and gums. You have brushes with different kinds of bristles right from soft, medium to hard. You also have toothbrushes with different kinds of handles and materials that it is made of. It could be made from the most natural of materials to synthetic ones too.

The toothbrush handle can be short or long and curved. The handle can be quoted with rubber in order to enable you to be able to grasp the toothbrush properly and yield it like a weapon to clean your teeth with.

The thing with this vast amount of toothbrushes and different kinds in the market is the need to be able to choose the right one. The decision that you make in choosing the right kind of toothbrush can have far reaching impact on your teeth and gums and your overall health.

It is imperative that you go ahead and choose the best quality toothbrush and change it frequently. As soon as you see the bristles wearing off then you know that you must change your toothbrush pronto. You must also brush your teeth diligently at least twice a day in order to keep yourself free from bacteria and microbes in the mouth.

Brushing with the right kind of toothbrush will entail that you have teeth and a smile that will last you a lifetime with no worries about it. The features of a good toothbrush are:

  1. Must offer you a great cleaning action

  2. Affordable and priced competitively so that you will not be worried about changing it often

  3. Made if quality products so that you will be able to use it for a long time without any hassles.

  4. The design of the toothbrush

  5. The name of the brand and the manufacturer as this will assure you of expertise.

Once you have decided to buy yourself a new toothbrush, whether electric or manual you must ensure that it is the right one for you and will serve you in good stead.

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