The moment you follow stringent dental hygiene you make certain that you save yourself from a lot of trouble in the form of cavities, tooth loss and gum and bone diseases. If you are to follow the right dental hygiene program then he steps that you must follow are:

Right Way to Look After Your Teeth

  1. Brush regularly and brush right: If you do not follow the right way to brush then you will not be able to stop the accumulation of plaque and tartar on your teeth.

  2. Eat right and maintain good eating habits. Do not eat too many sticky and sweet stuff instead replenish that with a healthy diet of apples and carrot sticks.

  3. Use fluoride in the right proportion. There is enough fluoride in the water or it can be supplemented by the use of fluoride enhanced toothpastes and mouthwashes.

  4. See that you go periodically to the dentist for regular check-ups to ensure that your teeth are in perfect shape and order.

If you ensure that you do follow all of this regularly you will be certain to have teeth that last you a lifetime.

A well-balanced diet that is not deficient in any of the nutrients will make certain that the food that you eat is not the major contributors to dental diseases.

In our mouth we have several different kinds of acids which go on to form bacteria. These bacteria are quite harmless until they get food to chew on such as starches and sugars. When the bacteria start feeding on the sugars and starches they release acids.

These acids in turn attack the enamel on your teeth and wear them off. When your enamel starts wearing off it is easier for the bacteria to reach the other parts of the tooth and thereby sets in the tooth decay. Therefore, it is important that you do not eat too many foods that are rich in starch and sugars. These could be products that are baked such as cakes, jams, sauces, ice creams and cream based stuff. These foods tend to stick on your teeth and remain long in your mouth after you have finished eating them.

The other way that you might be damaging your teeth is by guzzling on a lot of sweetened soda and fruit juices. Chewing gums and other mouth fresheners also have sugar added which cause harm to your teeth.

In order to avoid all of this you must brush your teeth regularly and rightly. The least that you must brush your teeth are two to three times in a day. Try and remove all the hidden food particles and floss regularly too. In case you allow food particles to remain in your mouth then it might cause halitosis or bad breath. You must avoid this by not eating too many onions, garlic and in case you have tonsils or sinusitis.

Do not forget to take yourself to your dentist regularly from the age of three to trap tooth ailments in the bud.

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