We require our teeth for several other purposes besides just eating and biting. Teeth are very important for a person to be able to speak correctly. Teeth enable one to aid in the digestion as without them you will not be able to chew well. Teeth allow you to look good and youthful. This enables you to have a good self-image and enhances your levels of confidence. Although we are aware that teeth do play an important part in our lives, we certainly don’t take good care of them. What we do is allow dental decay and gum disease to set in. Along with these you have several other associated concerns too such as cavities, loss of teeth, pain and bad breath.

Dental decay is the process by which the breakdown of sugar and starch that emits from the food we eat is broken down into acid by the bacteria that are to be found in the oral cavity. The bacteria first attack the enamel on your teeth which is the hard part on the outside of the teeth. As one does not take care, the decay will creep in further into the tooth until it reaches the dentin and the pulp.

The first thing to do to have your teeth in good shape is to follow a balanced diet. Try and eat as little sugar as possible. Research conducted in different cultures show that those that do not eat any sugar, hardly have any incidence of tooth decay. Also, during wars when sugar is a scarcity, the population does not seem to suffer from any tooth decay. Keep away from tooth decay and your teeth and gums will remain intact.

The way people get addicted to sugary and starch laden food can be reversed if they are able to curb their sugar cravings. As parents we must never treat sweets and chocolates as rewards. In fact we must wean our children away from too many sweets. Thus good habits will be reinforced right since childhood.

Keep a close watch on what your children eat and drink.Ensure that they drink plenty of water rather than soft drinks. Instead of that allow your children to binge on natural and healthy foods such as carrot sticks, apples, nuts, fruits, brown bread and raw vegetables. Replace candies, chocolates and colas with all of this.

Research has suggested that if you were to have sugar once in a while it will not affect your teeth that much as in the case when they have sugar coming to them throughout the day. That is the reason if you have sugar laden snacks they are far more dangerous than having sugar with meals.

If you want your teeth to last you a lifetime then you must ensure that you take good care of them. You must brush religiously and even while you travel. Eat food that is healthy and visit your dentist to nip any concerns in the bud.


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