A toothbrush needs to be selected with due care if we are to ensure the health of our teeth and gums. A toothbrush is the guard for us against tooth decay hence we must choose it with care. What we usually look for in a toothbrush is the way it looks and the design, the bristles and how hard or soft they are and the handle. The right toothbrush goes a long way in assuring you that you have the best of teeth and gum health for as long as you live.

How to Correctly Choose a Tooth Brush

 Let us consider the features that you must consider when you buy a toothbrush for yourself:

The type of bristles:

Look for the hardness. The main feature of a toothbrush is how hard its bristles are. There are several different kinds of toothbrushes with different kinds of bristles from soft, medium to soft. The extra soft bristles are useful for people whose gums are infected and they might find it difficult to brush. Hard bristles are good for those with strong teeth. Hard bristles clean your teeth well and massage your gums. In case you aren’t sure which is the right kind for your kind of teeth then you can choose the medium bristles. 

The materials used:

Look for the material with which the bristles are made of. This will ensure how long the toothbrush is effective in removing all plaque and buildup of harmful bacteria in your mouth. The material that the bristles are made of also decides how long the toothbrush will last before getting worn out. There are indicative bristles which let you know that they have run through their lifespan and you need to replace them. This is a good option as then you will be aware of when you need to replace the toothbrush. 

The shape of the bristles:

The shape of the bristles and the cut matters, the bristles must be cut accurately and near the edge of the plastic head. The toothbrush that has a two way bristles are far better to clean with as they are able to reach the hardest of regions and crevices where there is a likelihood of carries appearing.
The design
The way the brush has been designed also plays an important role. The rubber panel that you will find on most toothbrushes will allow you to grip the brush tight and not slip it out of your hand. If your grip on the toothbrush is tight enough you will be able to brush with enough vigor to wipe out all germs from your teeth. The right bend of the toothbrush allow you to be able to not put too much pressure on your gums. The length of the handle of the toothbrush should be the right kind too.
The size:
The size of the toothbrush makes a difference as it will determine whether the toothbrush is able to reach the hardest parts and innermost parts of your mouth. 

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