The toothpaste that you select must be based on the needs for your oral hygiene. It also depends on the kind of teeth and gums that you have and their concerns. Toothpaste must have several factors going for it if it wants to be termed good toothpaste.These factors are:


Your toothpaste must be able to provide you with the protection needed to help your teeth and gums remain healthy. This must minimize the formation of carries and infections of all kinds.


Your toothpaste must contain fluorine which enables the enzymes in the saliva to help your teeth gets its strength and keeps cavities at bay in children and adults. Ultimately, what it does is to protect your teeth and gums against all kinds of destruction and hardships. It also protects your enamel so that the bacteria have no chance of entering inside and harming the whole tooth.


Toothpastes allow our teeth to be able to maintain the right color. Over the years what we eat and drink such as caffeine found in tea and coffee, and nicotine in cigarettes, makes our teeth discolored. Discoloration of your teeth is not a very healthy sign and does nothing to make your teeth look good. What one needs is the right toothpaste that can help you to avoid discoloring.

Bad Breath

Good toothpaste must be able to guard you against bad breath and hence other diseases too. The toothpaste must have the ability to keep harmful microbes at bay so that one will not have to combat with halitosis which is scientific word for bad breath. Toothpastes that contain natural ingredients and other formulations enable the triggers that cause bad breath to be kept under control. Good toothpaste enables you to be able to brush the way you are meant to.

Tarter and Plaque Control Build-up

The toothpaste must be able to stop the buildup of tartar and plaque so that there are no problems of infection later on. Toothpastes formulated accordingly will be able to keep both these harmful concerns of plaque and tartar at bay.
Therefore, on the whole your toothpaste must be in a position to be able to maintain good oral health. It should help to keep you far away from cavities, prevent the buildup of tartar and plaque, and should be able to also guard your teeth from bad breath and discoloration.

A toothpaste that uses natural ingredients such as cinnamon, clove, peppermint, spearmint and winter mint all enable the best of nature to help take care of your oral hygiene health without any harmful after effects to it and, also provides you with the best of natural flavors to leave your teeth and mouth feeling fresh and clean.

At the same time the toothpaste must not be harsh enough so that it goes on to cause an abrasive effect on ones teeth and gums.

All of these are what you should look for in your toothpaste.

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