Our teeth are exposed to a lot of factors throughout their lifetime that may harm them and affect the way they are able to serve us throughout our lives. The factors that affect our teeth are:

Aggressive Tooth Brushing

Dentist state that if you brush your teeth too aggressively then you are bound to get sensitive teeth.

Acidic Food and Beverages

The second largest cause is the eating of acidic food and an over consumption of beverages. These affect by wearing off the hard enamel on our teeth and making them prone to bacterial build up and hence discomfort and sharp sudden pains. This is more prone when you have hot and cold foods or extremely sour food too.

Take Care of Your Enamel

Lots of times people think that the hard enamel cannot be harmed by anything. This is a perception as the hard enamel can be worn away by too much of hot and cold food, gnawing on nuts and hard substances and opening bottles with ones teeth. Not taking enough precautions to ensure that your teeth are well taken care of. Ensure that you do not do anything that will allow your teeth to have any dents and chips in the enamel.

Production Of Saliva

The amount of saliva that is produced allows one to be able to save ones teeth for a lifetime of service. If you tend to eat and drink the right kind of food you will allow the right amounts of saliva to be generated. Saliva consists of enzymes called lysozyme which is alkaline and does not enable the buildup of bacteria in ones mouth. This neutralizing effect can only work if you eat the right food to be able to allow that to happen.


There are certain diseases that are known to affect your teeth whatever you do. These are diabetes, extreme high blood pressure and Shegren’s syndrome. All of these require that you are prone to a reduction in the production of saliva in your mouth and hence you must aggressively ensure that you take care of your teeth. People afflicted by these, must ensure that they visit the dentist often enough to check for any underlying concerns.

The Wrong Diet

Chewing gum and on apple or carrot sticks will make certain that your teeth are cleansed off all the harmful buildup of tartar and bacteria.

Therefore, do not expose your teeth to aggressive substances if you want to protect them. The aggressive substances will wear off the strong enamel and this will lay your teeth exposed to more harmful impact of the dentine and pulp being reached by the bacteria. Ensure that you have a lot of calcium in your diet in order to combat these hard and aggressive influences. Replenish your diet with milk and dairy products galore. Ensure that there is plenty of vitamin D in your diet too. Ensure that you consult your dentist regularly.

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