Bad oral habits can certainly leave you in an extremely bad shape. Teeth are given for you to be able to bite and chew your food and not to be misused in the form of tearing off wrappers, opening soda bottles or to crack open nuts. If you do not take adequate care of your teeth and use those just the way you wish to, then they are certainly not going to hold you in good stead for long. There is going to be a time when they are going to give up on you.

We think that are teeth are strong enough and nothing can harm them. But, unfortunately that is not the case. There are certain habits that given up will enable us to take care of our teeth far better.

Chewing Hard Substances

We might not realize this but every time that we put something in our mouths and chew on it we are causing unknown harm to our teeth. Our teeth were made to eat the food and chew only on that. They are not meant to chew on pen caps, pencils or any other hard material. You might chip or fracture your tooth and leave it open to the entry of bacteria and harmful effects. This in turn will have to be repaired. In case you feel the need to chew on something then you can opt for safer options such as apple sticks, carrots, celery or just plain chewing gum.

Wrong Use of Toothpicks

If you use a toothpick the wrong way then you will go on to cause a lot of damage to your gums and can even results in chipping and breaking of teeth. A toothpick needs to be used extremely gently in order to dislodge the food from the crevices of the teeth. If you use it aggressively and try to tug the food particles out then you will have inflicted yourself with a lot of harm. Use the right kind of toothpicks that are the rounded ones at the tip. Do not chew on the toothpick as that might cause harm and that is not the way they are supposed to be used.

Chewing Ice

You will be surprised at how many people love to chew on ice as a habit. This will cause your gums to recede and even allow your teeth to crack real bad. The damage might be so bad that you will need to cap your tooth. If you can’t do without chewing onto something then you can try to use chewing gum instead. It is a good enough alternative. Baby carrots and pieces of apples are extremely good and healthy stuff to chew on.

Do Not Use Your Teeth as a Can-Opener

The teeth are meant for different things but certainly not to work for you as a can-opener or a pair of scissors. Do not use them to tear open things.

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