There are several common concerns that we might experience and not be able to link the cure for them with our dentist. You will be surprised that the most common concerns that strike us such as headaches, neck and jaw aches, shoulder pain, sore and worn off teeth, limited mouth movements are all treatable by your dentists. You might be also haunted with snoring, grinding of teeth, and breathing concerns. All of these concerns are termed as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and can certainly be addressed by a dentist.

Most of these concerns occur when there is malocclusion. Malocclusion is nothing but when your upper and lower teeth are not able to close together in the way they are supposed to. This can not only result in overbites and under bites but also a lot of pain and embarrassment. This condition can also result in a lot of pain and perennial soreness of the muscles.

This is treatable by a specialist called the neuromuscular dentist. The difference between a dentist and a neuromuscular dentist is that they go ahead and look at the teeth, bones, gums and also the head and neck region which a traditional dentist does not.

There are several dentists who specialize in this field based on the requirement. These dentists treat problems such as TMD by deciphering the most comfortable muscle position of the head and neck and the way your upper teeth and lower teeth get the bite formation.

       Dr. Bill Dickerson who is the founder of LVI Global and the leading post-graduate neuromuscular dental training center says that the repositioning of the orthotic that usually occurs in the lower teeth can rectify this concern. The best way is for the dentist to see how much pain the patient experiences and in which specific region. This will help to lessen the pain and ultimately be able to correct the imbalance too.

In order to do so the two ways are:

  1. Correct the bite and get it realigned
  2. Arrange the jaw in place so that it corrects the imbalance
  3. Realign the teeth in the correct position so that you have the right bite
  4. Restore the teeth to the way they should look

Once these steps are followed you will be able to find the permanent solutions to all of your head and neck concerns.

Traditionally, this branch was always overlooked. A dentist was only considered for the conventional treatments of teeth and gum ailments and no one ever thought that so many other concerns could be placed at TMD’s doorstep.

Why would you want to constantly suffer from the pain and hampered lifestyle because of an overbite or under bite? It is easy to find a solution to it and easier than you think possible.
So, get yourself in the dentist’s chair and allow yourself to be gifted the right kind of teeth to lessen or completely alleviate all the concerns.

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