Bad breath strike a lot of people and it can be an extremely mbarrassing situation to be in. It is almost akin to body odor and can be a definite social embarrassment. It can affect you in several ways, professionally as well as personally. The cure that is suited for you depends on the kind of bad breathe or halitosis that you are afflicted by. It could be transient bad breath, chronic bad breath and fetor hepaticas.

Transient Bad Breath

Is the easiest kind to take care of. This kind of bad breath is due to certain conditions such as dry mouth, stress, too much of certain kinds of food and smoking non-stop. This can easily be stopped by stopping the triggers such as food and smoke and also adequate amounts of water throughout the day. Regular brushing and flossing will go far in controlling this factor.

Chronic bad breath

You will find it surprising to note that almost 25% of adults face this concern. This can result in a lot of stress and embarrassment for the person. Over time it can lead to a lower self-esteem and confidence levels for that person. Chronic bad breath is caused by the harmful bacteria and microbes in the mouth cavity. These can be removed by regular dental hygiene being followed. It includes brushing your teeth with the right kind of toothbrush and toothpaste and the at least twice a day. The most common bacteria that cause it are the streptococcus mutants.

Fetor Hepaticus

This is the most harmful and difficult to cure kind of bad breath as it has its roots in the other parts of the body specifically the liver. The Bad Breath that emanates due to this can be certainly extremely foul and can make you smell worse than a skunk.
You can cure your bad breath by using different kinds of strategies to enable it to be weaned out from your system. These are:

  1. Brush your teeth regularly and specially if possible after every meal.

  2. Floss regularly to remove all the bits and pieces of food particles hidden in  the crevices of your teeth and hard to reach areas.

  3. A tongue brush will be a good enough investment. You will be able to remove the bacteria that find a good enough haunt on the top and bottom of your tongue.

  4. If you want quick to fix and temporary solutions then you can start on a mint or mouthwash. Although you need to be careful when you use alcohol based mouthwashes as these can dry out your mouth and this will enable more bacteria to thrive in it and be counterproductive in your quest to fight bad breath.

  5. Gargle after you eat anything and reach out for healthy in between meal snacks such as fruits and vegetables.

  6. When you ensure that you do all of this you will be able find that bad breath keeps away from you.

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