Dental Braces are used to align teeth and correct crooked teeth. But those who wear these braces are not comfortable in public. Traditional braces made up of steel and nickel-titanium is frequently seen on teeth. Sometimes people even look funny wearing braces on their teeth. It may prevent people from socialising due to lack of confidence. Technology and orthodontists came to rescue people by introducing clear braces. Generally these braces are recommended for people with not so severely crooked teeth.

Clear Braces function in the similar way as traditional braces. But these are made up of strong plastic material. They are specially fabricated for each individual. The aligners are worn for at least two weeks each so that you have proper treatment time. The orthodontists show a computer simulation, of how your tooth will like after the braces are aligned. So you will have an idea about the look of your teeth after wearing the braces. These braces are made up of clear plastic so they look less conspicuous on teeth. These plastic ties blend with the natural colour of the teeth. These are virtually invisible. Clear braces are also called Invisalign braces. These braces are made up of strong plastic and they are hard to break. The orthodontist has less control over the making of the braces. They are computer fabricated using the technology from the company ‘Align technologies’. All the orthodontists who align these braces take training from the company. It is best to take this treatment by orthodontist who is well trained with teeth movement.

Clear Braces blend perfectly with almost all types of teeth. These braces are also less noticeable in photographs and videos. Metal braces are uncomfortable and even irritate your teeth. But clear braces will not irritate your teeth. It is a misconception that plastic braces are brittle and they break away from teeth. It is just a myth. They are as strong as metal braces. Another misconception of these braces is they stain easily. If you don’t eat lots of curry or smoke heavily, then you don’t have to worry about staining your teeth. They are lot easier to clean than metal braces.

But there are some minor disadvantages associated with these braces. One of them is the cost associated with them. They are sometimes costlier than traditional metal braces. The success rate with invisalign treatment is around fifty percent. Invisalign treatment is not pain free since your teeth have to be moved during the treatment. This treatment is not a quick one .It takes as long as traditional treatment. You also might have to wear traditional braces for some time to correct severe problems. These braces are not available on the spot. They have to be ordered from the company. It may take up to 6 weeks for the braces to arrive. You may have to change aligners more than once for enhancement.

Even though there are small disadvantages with clear braces, most adults still prefer them, as they are almost invisible.

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