Dental braces are used to correct the flaws in alignment of teeth by moving them and aligning them correctly. They are also used to correct the shape of teeth and jaws. When braces were introduced to correct the crooked teeth, mostly children used to wear them. They are not only meant for children and young people, but also for adults. Adult don’t like wearing braces as they are afraid that they will look funny or that they will be the subject of jokes at their work place. Now the adults and older people are changing their perception about wearing braces. Some celebrities like Tom Cruise, and Diana Ross also contributed to this scenario by gracing the magazine covers with their smiles enhanced by braces.

Adult braces are recommended for people who are over 18. There is no definite age to start treatment for adults. People who are near 50 years of age can also undergo orthodontic treatment to correct their teeth. People who want to correct their teeth by using braces should approach a qualified orthodontist. You should not try your own treatment. The braces are also difficult to obtain without a prescription. The doctor checks the severity of the problem and recommends the braces to wear. The arch wires in the braces force the change in blood flow, which leads to bone remodelling in the tooth. The teeth are also moved in this process. A person undergoing orthodontic treatment should make several appointments with the doctor. The braces should be adjusted every month or two, to correct the movement of teeth. Generally a tooth will move approximately by 1mm during the orthodontic treatment, though the individual results vary widely. A typical orthodontic treatment with braces can take 2 years and 8 months. This treatment may cost between $4000-5000 in the United States.

Adults have to wear these braces for a considerable period of time (sometimes even years) before their treatment is completed. The advancement in technology also caused more people to embrace the braces to laugh heartily without embarrassment. Traditional braces made up of metal and alloys are clearly visible on teeth. The new braces are known as clear braces or invisalign braces, and they mix with the colour of the teeth and are almost invisible .No one will notice them until they observe keenly. You can attend parties, pose for photographs without embarrassment.

Braces are divided into different types based up on the material and the purpose they serve. Traditional braces or metal braces made up of stainless steel are the oldest and commonly used braces. They are very strong. Braces coated with gold are used for people who are allergic to nickel present in stainless steel. Some people also prefer to wear them to show that they are rich, and some simply like the look of it. Progressive braces or invisalign braces are used in less severe cases, to move the teeth gradually into position. A-braces are the latest types of braces, which offer a lot of control on the braces, to the user. They are more comfortable, removable and adjustable by the user.

Good evaluation by an Orthodontist is necessary before deciding upon the braces to wear. The clear braces are recommended for people with minor problems. For people with severe problem, braces with white brackets are recommended. These braces are more effective in moving your teeth. Adults have to maintain good mouth hygiene during the orthodontic treatment. They should use special soft brush recommended by dentists. They should floss and clean between the wires regularly throughout the duration of treatment. Coffee, spicy food, hard foods, crunchy foods and other foods, which tend to stick between the wires should be avoided. Regular drinking of water dislodges any food particles stuck in your braces.

Post treatment care is necessary after the teeth are moved into position. The aligned teeth may move back into original position. To prevent this, retainers are used. The retainers prevent the teeth from moving back into former position. A small orthodontic surgery may be required to fit the retainers. Some clear retainers are available which are almost invisible.

A person going to take orthodontic treatment should have an idea of the situation that he is going to face after he wears braces. Some people do not notice or do not care and some just make fun. It should be kept in mind that finally a person’s character and his nature matter more than his physical appearance. Everyone including colleagues at work, family members will stop noticing the braces after a few days. Everything comes to normal. Some sacrifices are needed to have good-looking teeth and beautiful smile.

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