When people use braces , there are bound to be some amount of damage when it comes to the structure and physical appearance of the implement. This is because of the physical activities that you will certainly engage in. Accidents such as the following can cause severe damage to your braces if you are not cautious enough.

  1. Facial injuries caused by physical sports
  2. Colliding with concrete objects
  3. Damage caused by excessive brushing
  4. Prolonged chewing and eating sticky food

These are just some of the conditions that may cause extreme harm to your dentures. When this happens, you have to follow some tips as to taking care of your braces and dealing with the repercussions of the damages.

Tips on Handling Broken Braces

When you are dealing with broken braces, you have to take into consideration that professional orthodontists have more expertise in repairing such kinds of problems than you do. Given this, there are simple ways by which you can make minor repairs on your braces without risking damaging it further.

  1. First, if the bands or brackets of the braces become loose and scrape your mouth muscles causing the discomfort and pain, there is one emergency measure that you can do. This is to use a special kind of wax to try to hold and adhere it together.
  2. The bands are usually made of the metal and are stuck together by a special type of glue, which prevents them from falling off entirely. If you can simulate this adhesive, you would have the chance to prolong the use of your braces until you can seek professional help.
  3. In addition, if the braces become loose and almost fall off your teeth it is best to use the tip of a pencil eraser to push the metal wiring in word so that it can be saved. If you are able to do this then you will buy yourself more time before going to the orthodontist to have it repaired.
  4. The fourth advice is to seek professional help immediately and not try to do things on your own. If you do this, the tendency is to damage the implement further, which may cause it to become beyond repair. Orthodontists use special kinds of tools that will help them rebuild the broken braces.
  5. Tip number five: If in case the band or back it does fall off the braces itself, the wisest thing to do is to say the band for bracket and take it to the orthodontists for repairs. 

To add to this, if the metal resins of your braces become weak, this unfortunately is the worst that can happen to your braces. In cases like these, aforementioned professional help is important. It is a vital not to tamper with the damaged president of your braces so as not to aggravate the situation further.

These are just emergency tips that you can do on your own in case you end up damaging your braces. You should never forget the importance of professional orthodontic help because they are the only ones knowledgeable enough to make the necessary adjustments on your braces.

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