Nail biting is a nasty habit that people, more particularly teenagers tend to develop due to unresolved stress. They dismiss this as a habit but this “habit” may lead to serious complications if not addressed properly. Here are some of the dental health issues that nail biting may cause.


1.   Broken Teeth

Nail biting may result to this because of the undue stress that you put into your teeth as you continued to chew on your nails. This undue stress may weaken the teeth and therefore break it down eventually.

2.   Severe Gum Problems

Nail biting can also weaken the gums and therefore have in the fall out eventually because of the pressure that nail biting would cause the entire oral cavity. This will greatly affect your dental health because it might produce mouth sores that will adversely affect your eating habits.

3.   Oral Bacteria

Bacterial infestation may result from nail biting causing many of oral diseases to ensue. Aside from this, intestinal failure and infection may also be a consequence from nail biting because of the bacteria that people may ingest when they chew their nails.

How Nail Biting Affects Teeth with Braces

These are just some of the diseases that may befall whoever buys their nails constantly. It would be much worse if the person who does this has to have braces on. It will not only affect the teeth but the treatment as well. Nail biting may prolong the otherwise short-term dental treatment. Here are some ways by which the teeth and the treatment thereof are affected by nail biting.

1.   Your braced set of teeth may be affected by nail biting essentially because the action may damage the implement itself. If the implement is damaged, it will be harder for the patient to continue in the dental treatment.

2.   Moreover, it will worsen the condition of the braced teeth in such a way that the habit may infect the teeth and may cause severe complications to the patient. In addition to this, nail biting using teeth with braces will be very painful for the patient.

3.   Knowing this, how can we prevent nail biters from biting their nails if they have braces? Doctors may have a solution for this. According to medical records, the use of mouth guards is truly a great way to prevent nail biting in general. This will keep the mouth from chewing properly thus making it difficult for the nail biter to chew on his or her nails.

4.   Aside from this, the psychological aspect may also be explored. If the medical professional concerned understands why the person behaves this way, (nail biting) then he can take the necessary steps to prevent or treat the main issue before handling the dental aspect of the problem.

In order to do this, orthodontists, dentists and psychologists have to work hand in hand to make the best treatment plant for a patient with these problems.

These are just some of the many ways by which nail biting can possibly affect the dental health of a person. It is for this reason that the nasty habit of mail bite and should be avoided at all cost. It may be difficult at first; however, it can and should be done for the safety of the patient concerned. If the nail biter is not prevented from doing so, serious health, complications may arise aside from the already present dental problems.

Fortunately, not all nail biters are capable of biting their nails through their braces. Aside from the discomfort, the pain of biting one’s nails through the metal dentures is said to be a major contributing factor for people to not bite their nails.


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