After many weeks of wearing the necessary but sometimes painful implement, it would feel extremely good to have it removed. The braces on your teeth correct but unfortunately leave indelible marks on your teeth that you will never be able to forget. The writer specifically refers to the glue and cement that the orthodontists use to embed the braces on to your teeth. When braces are removed, the cement and glue that were used to stick it with is left on your teeth. You will unquestionably need to have this taken off because of the following reasons.

Reasons for the Removal

  1. The glue might drip onto certain parts of your mouth that it should not. If this happens, dangerous complications might happen concerning your health and physical well-being.
  2. Even though there are no visible marks of any glue or cement on your teeth, orthodontists will still advise you to have your annual teeth cleaning so that any remnants of foreign substances on your mouth will be taken out.
  3. In case of dripping incidents, orthodontists usually polish off all the excess glue from the teeth. This is why, it is best to check with your dentists and orthodontists as to the condition of your teeth after having the braces removed.
  4. It is also best to notify the dentist if you feel any sensitivity on your teeth after the braces are removed. This will help him or her in accessing your teeth health. It will also make the orthodontist more careful when extracting the glue from your teeth.

Additional Reminders as to Glue on Teeth Removal

  1. When having the glue removed from your teeth, it is best to know exactly what the doctors are supposed to do with your teeth. Knowing what happens will decrease the anxiety that you normally would feel in operations like this.
  2. As stated earlier, you have to be honest with your dentist as to how you are feeling when the glue is being scraped off your teeth. If you are in any pain, the medical professional should know about it. This is for the reason that he will be able to do the necessary measures to make you feel comfortable during the procedure if he knows how you feel.
  3. Be aware that the doctor will use special kinds of tools to scrape off the glue. Do not hesitate to ask about the tools that he plan to use before you sit on the dentist’s chair. Knowing the procedure systematically will help you relax more and lessen your worries about the aftereffects of the procedure.

Having your braces removed is something that you should be happy about because it will not only mean that you have been relieved of your dental problems, it will also add to your self-esteem. In addition to this, glue removal is also an important part of the process and therefore should not be neglected.

Moreover, open communication with your dental health care professionals is advisable. This will help you understand and accept the procedures that should be done. It will also lessen your worries and fears about the procedure.

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  • niharika

    niharika 27 - July - 2011, at 07:35 AM

  • i had already undergone braces treatment but am not satisfied becoz there are still gaps between the teeth which were filled by the dentist and am suffering a lot becoz of these fillings and my teeth became yellowish and the teeth are coming forward again and am even having sensitivity

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