Using dental braces should not limit a person from doing everything and anything that he wants to do in his life. It may seem so at first that braces would limit you from doing everything that you lov e to do because of the conditions that you have to endure when using braces. However, this should not be so. A person should be able to enjoy life even if he or she has dental issues and limitations such as teeth braces.

They say that using dental braces and extreme sports never mix but modern technology made sure that ways could be found to go around this minor problem. The invention of mouth guards and protectors has been a big help in maintaining the top condition of braces as well as teeth whenever one engages in extreme sports like basketball or boxing and any other sports that an active person usually plays.

Additional Advantages of Using Mouth Guards

1.   If you use a mouth guard, the tension and worry that, you usually would feel because of your exposed teeth and braces can be lessened. You would not have to worry about damaging your braces if you wear a mouth guard.

2.   Another advantage of having the mouth guard is that it absorbs the impact of any extreme pressure that may be applied to your face or jaw during an extreme sport. Therefore, your teeth will be well insulated and protected against the shock that comes with impact.

3.   In addition to this, mouth protectors can also serve as protection for the braces or retainers themselves. With a mouth guard in use, the braces will be covered and therefore ultimately be safe from external forces that may damage it during the sport.

Usually mouth guards are custom made by the dentists if ever you go and have braces installed. Dentists would also recommend different kinds of mouth guards that you could use.

Three Major Types of Mouth Protectors

1.   The Stock Mouth Guards: You can buy these preconfigured, readily available mouth guards at any sporting goods store. They come in different shapes and sizes that will definitely fit any mouth size there is.

2.   Thermoplastic Mouthpieces: You can use these jelly like mouth protectors for the same purpose. It is soaked through hot water for it to become malleable and take the shape of your oral cavity. It is much more comfortable to use because it will fit your mouth perfectly once you bite into it.

3.   Custom Made Mouth Protectors: These specially made mouth protectors are usually constructed by professional orthodontists based on the dentist’s specific instructions. The mouth protector will be based on the dentist’s model of your teeth. After making the impression, it is then molded into a special material that will serve as the frame mouthpiece.

Because of the high quality materials that doctors use to make the customized mouth guards, it is quite more expensive than the other two. Nevertheless, having this kind of mouthpieces will definitely reassure you of complete protection.

Other Types of People Who Should Utilize Mouth Guards

People who are into extreme sports are not the only ones who should use mouth guards. Here are some of the additional people who ought to use mouth protectors as well.

1.   People Involved in Contact Sports: Basketball players, football and ice hockey aficionados can positively use mouth guards.

2.   Others Who Are Into Physical Exercise: Gym trainers, gymnasts, skateboarders and the like should also consider doing this.

Using a mouth protector should always be a priority if you want to have the best dental health and still be able to do physically demanding activities without the hassle of trying to protect your teeth all the time.

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