It is normal for dental patients to feel a little amount of pain whenever they have braces installed into their teeth. The good news is this kind of pain is known to be very fleeting and temporary. However, what exactly causes this kind of discomfort whenever the braces are installed? Here are some possible reasons for feeling pain whenever the orthodontists install braces.

     1.   Jaw Adjustment

Patients may experience pain due to the newness of the device. Moreover, the bones of the jaw will adjust to the foreign device that has been installed into the teeth. Therefore, the minor position adjustments that the jaw would be making might cause slight discomfort.

In this case, prescribed pain relievers may be helpful in dealing with this kind of pain. Nevertheless, it is still best to consult a Dr. Before taking medication for the pain.

     2.   Metal on Teeth

The braces or retainers themselves may cause the pain on to the patient because of the metal frames that may damage to teeth if not installed properly. This is normal because this is our foreign objects that you put into your mouth. Pain is bound to be felt.

Moreover, mishandling of the braces on your teeth may be another cause for pain. Food particles in between the braces may affect the feeling of having the brace on your teeth.

     3.   Tightness

The wrong measurements of the braces may also cause pain for the patient. Having tight braces is one major cause of discomfort for any dental patient. Tight braces may apply extreme pressure on the teeth therefore, causing it to produce severe spasms that may cause pain for the wearer of the braces.

These are just some of the possible causes of pain and discomfort for all those who wear their braces for the first time. As mentioned earlier, it is temporary and will dissipate through time. Given this, if there comes a time that the pain does not seem to go away even after a long period it is best to go to the orthodontist and seek medical aid.

In addition to this, some pain relievers are also recommended to get the pain under control. You can do this as a first aid treatment for dental pains caused by braces. Nevertheless, it is still advisable for the patient to seek medical treatment as soon as he feels that the pain will never go away as easily as the patient expects. Usually the pain would last for only a few days to a week. If this goes on beyond that, the patient should certainly see a doctor.

Another point to be stressed is that a patient will experience is dental pains should never make an effort to self medicate. He or she should seek medical advice before deciding to take any form of meditation on his or her own.

Again, having to experience minor pains after installing the braces is normal. Given that, you should never hesitate to consult a doctor if the pain that you are feeling really causes you some kind of physical hindrance to live a normal life.

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