Having braces installed on your teeth definitely has advantages and disadvantages. This article aims to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of installing braces for your teeth. Other information about dental health and hygiene will also be discussed.

Advantages of Braces

Here are some of the aforementioned advantages of using braces for your own benefit.


Dental Correction

  1. You need to have braces installed to correct dental flaws like buck teeth or a protruding jaw. In addition to this, you can use braces to align your crooked teeth.

  2. Braces can also help strengthen the gums so that it can hold the teeth properly into position.

  3. Braces can prevent gaps from separating your teeth as it aligns them properly. You will never have to deal with unsightly gaps if you use braces at an early age.

Overall Dental Health

Using braces can improve your overall dental health because it will realign the teeth properly and have you smiling that perfect smile in no time.

Major Disadvantage

One major disadvantage of wearing on braces is the discomfort and pain that dental patients usually experience when having braces installed. This is because of the metal frame is usually used when making the brace. It will run through the teeth and produce a sensitivity that will render the teeth prone to dental pain.

Problems with Using Braces

  1. Another problem that braces can pose for the wearer is the embarrassment of having to be seen wearing braces. A person wearing braces will be regarded as a “geek”. Therefore, it will be highly likely for him or her to be teased or bullied in school.

  2. Self-esteem is a big issue for young people nowadays and with braces on your teeth, your self-esteem will be greatly damaged if you do not have the courage and determination to face all your detractors.

However, dental professionals already discovered a perfect solution for this problem. Here are some of the alternative kinds of braces that patients can use to hide the fact that they are wearing one.

Alternatives to Using Metal Braces

You have many choices as to the type of braces that you can have installed. There are ceramic braces as well as plastic braces that should be much more comfortable for any patient to utilize. However, it is much more advisable to use metal braces, as it is more durable and long lasting.

Different Types of Braces

Invisalign Braces

These virtually invisible braces made of either ceramic or plastic will never be seen by the naked eye even if you smile a lot. People will never know that you ever have braces on if you decide to use this.

Colored Braces

You can also have colored braces that can definitely turn into a fashion statement. People will talk to you not because of how weird you love but because of the kind of braces that you are wearing.

Caring For Braces

  1. Painkillers can be used to address the initial pain that you feel if you have braces installed. You have to cast your dentist about this to be able to get more information.
  2. In addition to this, the direct care for braces should be given focus. A special kind of brush it is advisable to be used in order for you to clean the braces properly. This brush can also reach into the back of the teeth and get the food particles that may be stuck in between.

Constant appointments with your dentist will give you the chance to get more data on the proper usage and care of braces. You should never forget this one very important aspect of dental hygiene.

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  • lesego mosweunyane

    lesego mosweunyane 10 - August - 2015, at 03:18 AM

  • iam 32 ,planninmg to have my braces next month,now hooh.iam afraid if its painfull,and for how long does the pain takes,mond you some people,say u dont eat at all.fo the first two weeks.

  • Ketan

    Ketan 08 - April - 2015, at 04:51 AM

  • Im 17 years old and I'm having a 1mm gap between my front teeth. Im planning to get Braces but my parents are declining and saying that BRACES would loosen my gums and give me problem of loosing teeth earlier in adult age.Is it true?? If YES what shall i do?? and if NO what would be the BEST SOLUTION on it to get rid of the GAP BETWEEN FRONT TEETH EARLIER? and for that is it compulsory to remove 4 of my teeths of back ??

  • hema

    hema 20 - May - 2014, at 11:30 AM

  • Hi, am going to remove my clip next month...it really helped me to givea confident smile :)

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 25 - May - 2013, at 22:20 PM

  • Brady, First the dentist will take models and xrays to make a proper treatment plan. After than he will put separators followed by brackets, bands and wires. There is no surgical procedure and it is not painful. Some pain is there when pressure is put on teeth to move them but painkillers take care of that. Depending on the treatment plan, he will call you at regular intervals to adjust the wire and to see the progress and it takes normally 18-24 months for the procedure to complete.

  • Brady Holliday

    Brady Holliday 22 - May - 2013, at 13:15 PM

  • I am 14, and I am going to be getting Braces in a month. There are a lot of things I am concerned about. Does it really hurt that bad? My top teeth are crooked, and spaced out. Can you tell me what the whole process is? Like what happens and things like that? It would mean so much to me. Thank you!

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