The exposure of human beings to mercury can be really harmful. It can cause human beings untold hardship in the form of sinus attacks, headaches and an overall feeling of malaise and lethargy. There have been people who have been exposed to mercury and who have felt untold fatigue and exhaustion. 

The controversy over the use of mercury in amalgam: 

Most dentists are being questioned about the use of amalgam that consists of almost 50% or more of mercury. The toxicity and allergy that is linked with mercury has several harmful effects for human beings. It can cause chronic diseases, suppress the immune system and also bring about oral lesions in the mouth and mental disorders. 
Use of Mercury in Dental Fillings

The awareness of patients

Patients who were interviewed for a research that was conducted had no clue that the mercury filling could be harmful for them. Although with greater awareness and patient outcry more and more people are getting aware of its harmful effects.

The benefits of mercury fillings

Dentists who have long been using mercury for fillings say that they have several benefits that are linked along with them. Firstly, the amalgam fillings that use mercury are more durable and tenacious. This makes them remain in the patient’s mouth for a longer time then other materials.
They are competitively priced when compared to other substances. This makes them budget friendly.

Mercury fillings are easy to use

Dentists state that when you compare mercury fillings with resin composites, resin composites last only half the time as that of a mercury filling. Dental porcelain is far more expensive to use.

The environment and mercury filling

The use of mercury not only has health concerns linked with it but also the harm that it is causing the water by contaminating it and the overall environmental damage caused. The amount of mercury that is released from dental clinics is as high as more than 50%.

Approved by the FDA

Although amalgam and mercury fillings are approved by the FDA in the US dentists are resorting to the removal of amalgam fillings and replacing them with other substances if patients come back to them with symptoms that are linked to mercury allergy.
There are better materials that are started to see their way in dental fillings. These are resin composite fillings which are allergy free and match your teeth color. But, consumers and dentists still seem to prefer mercury fillings for the several benefits that it is linked with.
These are:
·         Great strength and tenacity
·         Durable
·         Long lasting
·         Easy on the wallet
·         Easy to affix
Most people do not consider the toxicity that they are exposing themselves to when they have is exposed to the mercury from silver amalgam fillings. The known side effects are the damage that is caused to children’s brains, neurological and gastrointestinal problems and also Alzheimer’s disease.
Therefore, the next time that you have your cavities filled ensure that you are aware of the materials being used.


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