If you have been worried about your mercury fillings and what harm they might be causing your health, you will be certainly interested to know what FDA is saying about it. The FDA has declared mercury fillings to be absolutely safe for users. The FDA has investigated 200 scientific cases and has come up with the conclusion that these mercury fillings are perfectly safe to have on.

The study revealed that the level of mercury that is used in the fillings is not high enough to cause harm to the patient. Although there has been quite a bit of controversy raging about the mercury fillings that are used in amalgam fillings FDA has finally issued its final verdict on it. 
FDA Update on Mercury Fillings    

The latest from the FDA

This does not mean that FDA has given mercury fillings a completely clean bill of health. Instead of classifying it as a Class I device with low risk it has been classified as a Class II device with moderate amounts of risk to the user.
The use of mercury per se is not harmful for dental carries. When a dentist uses mercury it is used along with other substances such as silver, tin, copper, zinc and other metals along with it. The harmful impact is when the mercury releases vapor during the process of it being placed in the teeth, removed or the normal wear and tear that occurs in the form of chewing. The worst effects of mercury that have been released are in the form of harm caused to the heart, brain and kidneys which are the most vital organs.
FDA update on Mercury Fillings
A spokesperson from FDA has made this official notice that the best scientific evidence that is verifiable has concluded that patients who are exposed to the use of mercury filled amalgam fillings are not at a risk of adverse health effects. This study is about adults and children aged six and above. Although, the study suggests that children aged below 6 and fetuses are at a low risk from exposure to mercury.
The FDA over 20 years has been in the receipt of 141 complaints about the adverse effects of mercury fillings and no death. Finally, after years of controversy, FDA has come up with the report that the health is not jeopardized with the use of mercury. This is considered to be quite controversial by consumer groups and a few individuals too. 

Dental Warnings

There have been some dental warnings that have been issued and should be displayed for the patient’s convenience. These are:
  • Mercury filling does cause an allergy in a few individuals.
  • Dentists must ensure that there is a good amount of ventilation  available when they use mercury
  • The patient must be informed and be made aware of the harmful effects of mercury so that they are in a better position to decide for themselves whether they want to go ahead with it or not.
  • Mercury is no longer available lose but in encapsulated forms.

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