Which one of us does not want are teeth to be white and sparkling. After all good looking teeth can make us look attractive and far younger than our chronological age. A genuine smile with white teeth is the best fashion statement that you can ever wear for yourself. Teeth that are discolored and have lost their sheen can affect you in several ways, professionally, personally and socially too. The pain and embarrassment that one undergoes due to yellowing teeth is understandable. You almost feel like a social pariah.

Costs of Different Systems of Tooth Whitening

The typical costs for teeth whitening

There are several ways that one can get ones teeth whitened and choose the method based on the budget that one has.

The standard fee that one will pay for teeth whitening and other teeth bleaching procedures can be clogged at $500. Of course costs depend on the other variables too such as the clinic, the location and the city that it is located at. The other factors are the dentists and the treatment that one opts for teeth whitening.

The latest kind of teeth whitening is called laser teeth whitening. This can cost you about $1000 for the entire treatment.

The cheapest form of teeth whitening is in the form of in-home bleaching trays. This can be just about $50 to 100. This is quite beneficial as you can perform the treatment at home at your own convenience and it does do a good enough job to get your teeth whitened. There are also over the counter bought store strips that cost as less as $25.

There are stand along teeth whitening kiosks that costs anywhere between $50 to 150 for the treatment.

The number of visits to the dentist that you require will increase the cost of the treatment. Sadly enough dental insurance does not cover the treatment as this is considered to be a cosmetic procedure rather than a necessary treatment.

When you opt for professional teeth whitening it will cost you more but will be far faster and longer lasting.

The price that you are charged for professional teeth whitening depends on factors such as:
  1. The area that you have the work done in
  2. The dentists expertise and experience
  3. The facilities and infrastructure
  4. The location as in a metropolitan or a country office
  5. The overheads of the dental clinic which includes the staff, the waiting room and lobby and the other facilities.

All of these will ultimately add up to the cost of the teeth whitening treatment.

If you have always yearned for a million dollar smile then you must consider teeth whitening. It will be worth the effort and amount spent on it as it will instantaneously transform the way you look.

Your teeth are the most important things that help you make an impression. A beautiful smile with even white teeth can never ever go out of fashion. They can make you feel beautiful and confident to the core.


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