As everything around us, becomes quick and in a jiffy so with the dental implants that can be had done in a day. Gone are the days when one had to go innumerable times to the dentist to have a dental implant affixed. These days all that you need is a day and you will be smiling away, showing off your new tooth to the world.

The dental implants that were traditionally used were time consuming because it was done using a technique that was invasive and there was a time lapse that was required between the extraction of the tooth and the healing process. Then the implant pin was affixed and finally the crown of the tooth. All these stages required time and several visits to the dentist.

However, the latest methodology in cosmetic dentistry is to affix the dental implant right on the tooth. As the latest methodology and the advances in technology become better, dentists and patients are happy to use them. This is because it provides them with a quicker way to get their dental work done.

In this process, there is no more a requirement of affixing a temporary implant but fixing on the permanent one straight away. This cut shorts the whole process and you need a day to have the new implant. 

Tooth Extraction Socket                                         Placement of Dental Implant

Abutment attachment to Dental Implant   Temporary Crown Cemented on Dental


The pin that is implanted in the jaw can have the temporary crown fixed right away. If the dentist thinks necessary then you can go later for a permanent one. This is possible as the invasive techniques and surgery being used during implants has mineralized. 

Later on, after about a month’s time you need to visit the dentist once again and have the permanent crown implanted. This is all the time that it takes nowadays to have the implant in place. 

If you are worried about the efficacy and stability of the one day implant you needn’t be. They are as sturdy and durable than the traditional invasive process was. With this new technique that uses the best of technology and innovation, patients really get to gain as they have the saving of time on their hands and the efficiency of the procedure is not compromised at all. The patient need no longer suffer the trauma of missing teeth with an implant. 

The way the dental implants were done previously used to take weeks or even months and because of the several sittings that were involved the process was tedious and cumbersome. This also made the process more expensive. 

But, with the advent of the same day implants you need not wait for months before you have the courage to smile. The day the implant surgery takes place, you will be fixed with a temporary crown. This makes your missing tooth not at all noticeable. In fact, the temporary crown looks as good as the permanent one. After a month you will be fixed with a permanent tooth and therein your implant is ready.

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