If you have a serious sweet tooth and love all things that are laden with sugar such as pastries, cakes, cookies and ice creams then it is high time you considered the effect it is having on your health and teeth. You need to stringently look at your eating habits if you want your teeth to last you a lifetime. Every time that you crave that yummy dessert seated at the table or the after dinner sweet, you are not helping your teeth for sure.

This is more so, when you have children around you at home. Most parents and care givers think that giving a sweet to a child is like rewarding them. This makes the child associate sweets with good times and joy and happiness. They develop a taste for sweets of all kinds such as candies, chocolates and toffees and this is the starting point of a lifelong of trouble with their teeth.

Research and Sugar

Medical research down the years has clearly shown an impact of the overuse of sugar in ones diet and teeth problems. The sugar in ones food allows the bacteria to thrive in the mouth and this in turn causes the enamel and dentine to be attacked. What you see in your teeth is the bacterial attack in the form of cavities. This can turn grave if it leads to gum disease and this will result in the loss of teeth too.

You only get one set of teeth to last you a lifetime and if you continue to gorge on sweets without taking due care, then they are certainly not going to be there until old age strikes you.

Check your Child’s Diet

Therefore, do not give your child too many sweets and candies. Limit the amount that your child consumes and replace these with healthy food such as apples or carrot sticks. These are not only nutritious but will enable your child’s teeth and gums to remain in the pink of health. Also, make sure that every time that your child consumes these sugary sweet candies they brush their teeth. This will rinse away all the sugar from their teeth and hence the bacteria will not have a chance to thrive.

Sugar Cravings and Artificial Sweeteners

If you still want to whet your sugar cravings then you might want to consider trying out the artificial sweeteners that are on sale. These sugar free substitutes are extremely beneficial for your teeth. They are made from natural substances and thereby they do not attract bacterial growth to them. When you start consuming less sugar you will notice a definite reduction in dental health concerns. Therefore, you will no longer have to deal with cavities, toothaches, gum infections and any concerns to do with your oral health.

What you eat is certainly going to show in a big way on your teeth and even overall health. The American Dental Association is trying big time to educate parents about the harmful effects of sugar.

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    marshae 12 - November - 2011, at 20:59 PM

  • I think that this is a good article about people health with their teeth and, how sugar can affect people in many different ways.

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