Anyone who is afflicted with TMJ and tooth grinding will know how very emotionally disturbing it can be. Also, it can stop one from leading a normal life because of the pain involved. People who suffer from TMJ and tooth grinding would do anything to get rid of it so that they are able to lead a normal life. The moment you visit a dentist you will be able to find a good enough treatment to get rid of it forever.

TMJ can not only be extremely painful but it will also harm your jaw bone and muscles around it. This in turn will bring about lots of problems later on. Here are the five steps and precautions that you can take in order to overcome TMJ and teeth grinding:

Stay Away from Chewing Gum

If you’ve been in a habit of chew gum then you must stop right away. Also, ensure that you chew from both sides of the mouth. Most people tend to predominantly use one side and this creates an imbalance in the jaw muscles. This could work real big time for TMJ and might even go on and eliminate it completely and forever.

Make Certain of Jaw Alignment

When you are not particular about the way your jaws are aligned and the way you close your mouth you will not be able to hold your jaw bones and muscles together. When you close your mouth you must have both your lips coming together. Do not allow your upper and lower teeth to touch one another. This will allow your jaw muscles to not tighten up and relax.

Correct  Posture Goes a Long Way

Become aware of your posture as when you don’t stand or sit right you place a lot of stress on the muscles. People do not ever think that the most unlikely of postures could be the cause for TMJ but it is a fact. Postures can be corrected by taking up exercising or yoga. The right posture will be waving good bye to TMJ.

Aerobic Exercises

When you make certain that your body gets enough cardiovascular and aerobic exercises you allow your body to release more endorphins. These endorphins are good painkillers and made naturally by your body. This form of exercise can relieve you of the pain of TMJ and also take your mind away from it. Plus, these exercises can go on to correct your posture.

Cut Out the Caffeine

When you cut out the caffeine from your diet, however difficult this might seem the stress will automatically leave you. Although caffeine is supposed to rejuvenate and make you feel better actually, caffeine and the normal stresses that one faces, makes the muscles along the jaw region tighten up and get tensed. This will lead to a far more severe attack of TMJ.

If you follow these five points then you are certainly not going to have TMJ.

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