Young children especially toddlers have the tendency to put everything in their mouth. They find it an extremely pleasurable experience to be able to feel the comfort of things in their mouth. However, because children do not have teeth or at least molars they are not able to chew stuff and hence might swallow them and choke on them.

Children can not only choke on large chunks of food and snacks but also toys and pacifiers if they are not designed right. Although mouth toys are a real help in the child’s development one needs to be certain that what one is giving their child is the right kind.

The mouth toys and pacifiers that you give your child must be made of the right materials. This makes certain that it is safe and free of germs. You must sanitize the mouth toys properly.

Mouth Toys precautions for Toddlers 

If you must give mouth toys to your child then select those toys that are appropriate and recommended by the dentist. This will not hamper their teeth formation and the jaw bones.
When you see your child bite on the mouth toys ensures that they are safe and not about to come off. If this happens your child by be in danger of swallowing the part that might suddenly come off. Make certain that the mouth toy is not made of parts that are tiny and can come off. Also it must be not made of any hard parts. Read all the safety instructions for the toys carefully before you give it to your child. Make certain that the mouth toy comes from a well known brand as they would have kept all the safety concerns in mind.
The mouth toy that you get your child must pass all toxin tests. The colors that have been used must be safe and child proof. When your child puts the mouth toys and pacifiers that have fallen on the ground into their mouth, it can cause harmful bacteria and germs to get into their system and cause harm to your baby. If the pacifier or mouth toy falls down on the floor do not give it back to the baby until you have washed and boiled it and got rid of any hidden germs.

When you buy toys for your baby keep in mind that the baby’s natural curiosity is going to make them put it in their mouth. Therefore look at the toy carefully. Get your baby a toy that is specifically manufactured and suited for that particular age. Make sure that the stuff toys and all the other toys that you get them can be washed and sanitized thoroughly. As soon as you find your baby has placed the toy in their mouth then set it aside to be washed. The size of the toy is important as this will curb all choking hazards.
If you take care of these precautions you will not be worried about what your baby puts in the mouth.

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