What is an allergy? -All of us suffer from some form of allergic reaction or the other at some point of time. Especially in today’s pollution ridden world, allergies can be the most common thing. An allergy occurs when our immune system reacts to an outside allergen that gets inside our bodies. This could be in the form of something that we have eaten, an insect bite, or the pollen and dust in the air. The allergens are all around us and we just need to find out the triggers and avoid them.

The severity of Allergies can vary from person to person. Allergies can be in different forms. They can be mild to really severe and sometimes even go on to become life threatening. The mild symptoms will go away with some days but the severe ones will cause more concerns such as difficulty in breathing and also fainting spells.

The most common types of allergic reactions are

Rhinitis or hay fever

This allergic reaction occurs with the change of seasons and the seasonal amounts of pollen found in the air. This can cause a running nose, watery eyes and other symptoms that make you feel lethargic.

Insect bite allergies

These allergies are caused by the reaction that the insect sting causes in your body. The severity of the bite and the way your body reacts to it will determine how very bad the allergic reaction will be.

Allergic reactions to some substances especially latex

There are some people who might develop allergic reactions to substances such as latex. Therefore, even if they were to come anywhere near these products say latex gloves, or medical devices they might break out in a rash or hives.
Mold and fungal allergies

Molds and fungal allergies do not occur in any one particular season. They can manifest themselves at any time of the year and can be equally sever. These could be indoors or outdoors. Look closely at the things that you use and you could be allergic to any of them. The cosmetics that you use, the perfumes and clothes in fact the allergy could be with any chemical substance which might have an adverse reaction.
Dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis

This kind of allergic reaction could be a result of coming into contact with any irritant that could serve as a trigger for your allergic reaction to flare up.
Allergies from pets

Allergic reaction could even occur due to the pet’s feathers and fur. This could remain stagnant in the air and over the furniture and in the house and cause allergic reactions. There is also the fear of dander which arises from the skin of animals.
All of these will cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, watery and puffed up eyes, stuffy nose and a general feeling of being unwell.
The more serious allergic reactions will be breaking out into hives, swelling, vomiting and even a drop in blood pressure.


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