Latex allergy can be mild or the most serious of ones that you have ever encountered. A few years ago, the scare of communicable diseases and the AID and HIV made everyone want to use latex gloves. This spurt in the use of gloves resulted in a lot of the latex allergens remaining in the air and went on to cause latex allergy. When you consider the estimates, almost 2% of all hospital staff has an allergy to latex at some point of time or other.

The natural substance called latex


Latex is got from the sap of rubber trees and is made into rubber sheets that are used in several industries. The use of latex is predominant in the medical industry in the form of masks and gloves to protect one from acquiring communicable diseases. The use of latex gloves frequently taken off and put on several times go on and release the latex particles in the air. Once these latex particles are there they tend to stick around the air and when inhaled cause an allergic reaction. If you are constantly are in contact with latex and inhale huge amounts of it then you are seriously putting yourself in jeopardy of a severe allergy.


People who are susceptible to Latex Allergies


Some people might just have it in them because of hereditary or genetic dispositions and the slightest exposure to latex will go on to trigger a severe allergic reaction. People who are exposed to high amounts of latex in the air also develop an allergy to it. Healthcare professionals and workers who handle latex on a regular basis are more prone to this kind of allergic reaction.


Determining Latex Allergies

The moment you feel an onset of an allergic reaction you need to find out what the trigger was. If you suspect that it was latex then you can go ahead and have a delayed hypersensitivity test. Adequate precautions need to be taken as if you are allergic to the latex then you will have a sudden shoot up of the allergy.

Treating Latex Allergies

The way you treat latex allergies is by not using latex things or treating them before you go ahead and use them. The substances that are added to the latex ensure that there are no more free synthetic allergens added.

If you know that you are allergic to latex must avoid coming in contact with any products that are made of latex. If they must then they must ensure that the products that they use are made of safe latex which means that there are no amounts of synthetic used in them.

The latest is the use of powdered gloves which do not leave behind any allergens in the air. There are treatments that allow the person to be desensitized to the latex allergens. The treatment will include the use of antihistamines, steroids and adrenaline.

Therefore, with due precautions taken you will be able to keep yourself away from latex allergy.


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